You might own one of the best vacuum cleaners in the market today. But it can be disturbing if your vacuum cleaner is making a very loud noise. However, you are in luck, as you aren't the only one facing this sort of problem. This is one of the common problems vacuum cleaners develop over time. And yes, it can be really disturbing and frustrating at the same time.

Nevertheless, there's nothing to worry about, in a few steps, you should get your vacuum cleaner humming like it did when you first got it. But before we get into these steps to take to fix this problem, how about discoursing what brought about the loud noise in the first place.

Why is my vacuum cleaner making a loud noise?

There are a couple of reasons your vacuum cleaner is making this unbearable weird and very loud noises. First of all, it's normal if your vacuum is making some sort of sound. They are normally soothing and enjoyable. But as you make use of your vacuum regularly, this normal soothing sound may change to a weird loud noise which can be frustrating. But you need not throw your vacuum away for this reason. You only need to figure out what caused the malfunction, take it out, and your vacuum will be back to normal again.

Basic problems that could make your vacuum make loud noises include clog in the hose, belt problems, a broken brush, or worse, a broken fan. So, if your vacuum is noisy, be sure that one or a couple of those are the problems. Now, let's spell out these problems and what you should do for a quick fix.

Possible causes and how to stop a vacuum cleaner from making noise.

Possible cause 1; your filters are dirty.

Filters in vacuums prevent dust from escaping back into the air. It also ensures that just dirt is sucked into the dirt compartment of the vacuum while keeping sucked-in air away. However, when this filter becomes excessively dirty, the vacuum cleaner's operation may be disturbed, hence, the loud noise. This is because the cleaner is working hard to create a suction.

So, to fix this, take out the filter in your vacuum cleaner; take out dust and debris which have clogged the filter over time patiently, then rinse with warm water. You'll need to leave your filter out to dry. Replace filter when dry and turn your vacuum cleaner on. The sound produced by your vacuum should be back to normal.

Possible cause 2; vacuum hose clogged.

Sometimes, you pick up certain objects that end up clogging the vacuum's tube/hose. This could be a button, a small toy, etc. These, however, forces the vacuum cleaner to work harder than normal. This, in turn, results in your vacuum making some disturbing noise. A quick fix to this problem, however, is to remove the clog by hand. A knitting needle or a stick could also do the magic.

Problem cause 3; your brush bearing may be broken.

A broken brush bearing could also be the reason why your vacuum cleaner is excessively loud. Even worse, you can feel your vacuum cleaner vibrate while in use. However, this is just a simple fix. All that needs to be done is a brush replacement. You vacuum should be back to normal when you do this.

Problem cause 4; a broken fan.

The fan inside your vacuum's motor collects dirt over time. When this gets too much, it could break the fan. This, in turn, gets the vacuum to make a loud noise. With a little fix, this can be corrected. All that needs to be done is a motor change. When this is done right, your vacuum will be back to normal again.


We've spelt out situations that could make your vacuum cleaner make a loud noise. We also went through how you can fix the problem depending on its cause. However, if you are not comfortable doing these fixes yourself, you should take your vacuum cleaner to a repair shop and have it fixed immediately.