We are living in a world where new technologies are taking over our lives, and not to drag you to the dystopian world sold by Hollywood, but instead to offer you the best possible comfort while you relax, and share more time with your family.

And as traditional vacuum cleaners go out of fashion, there are brands like APOSEN focused on building products that although similar in shape are many times lighter, more comfortable, and become even smaller to reach places that the old ones didn't even dream of reaching.

APOSEN H251 Cordless Vacuum

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This vacuum has a design very similar to the Dyson (but at a much lower price), the APOSEN Vacuum Cleaner 18000Pa enters with force in our Top 3 of the best vacuum cleaners of APOSEN.

And it does so on its own merits since the brand has made a great effort to create a vacuum cleaner that stands out for its good response in all situations, from daily cleaning —allow you to freely clean deeply, whether indoors and outdoors— to more heavy tasks. To do this it uses cyclonic technology, which is bagless, efficient, and ecological.

The body of the vacuum cleaner is a cylinder with a handle (this is the shape you'll see on most modern vacuum cleaners) where you'll find a motor of 250W —enough to support 30min cleaning— and the dust container, which includes metal filters and high-density HEPA filters, which can be cleaned very easily without the need to get dirty or breathe that nasty dust.

This combo includes:

H251 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner, LED Turbo Electric Floor Brush, Slot Nozzle, Round Brush, Electric Sofa Brush, 46cm Extension Hose, Telescopic Aluminum Alloy Tube, AC Power Adapter, 2200mAh Battery, Wall-Mounted, Hair Cleaning Tools and the User Manual

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APOSEN H250 Cordless Vacuum

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With a design similar to its big brother, the APOSEN H250 Cordless Vacuum offers you a much more comfortable handle where all the weight of the equipment rests, just under 5.5lb that you can handle with ease. It's not much, but you might notice it if you do a long, deep clean.

The body, like all modern ones, is a long tube for vacuuming from the floor to the cobwebs on the ceiling, with a motorized brush, great for carpets. And one detail that we've loved is the LED lights on the brush so you can see the dirt even under furniture or carpets. The brush also responds well to wooden floors.

For vacuuming upholstery and small corners such as drawers or shelves, you can remove the tube and put the nozzle directly in.

This combo includes:

Motorized Turbine Cleaner Head, Main Motor, User Manual, Round Brush, Battery Pack, Adapter, Accessory Bracket, Long Flat Nozzle, Cleaning Brush, Removable Metal Rod, Wall-Mounted Docking Station.

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APOSEN H120 Cordless Vacuum

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Although it is the cheapest of the APOSEN vacuum cleaners, don't be fooled by its price as it offers you almost the same features of its big brothers.

This vacuum cleaner weighs less than 3lb and like its brothers have a range of almost 40 minutes and it counts with the quick charging system (4.5 hours to reach 100%). All this, together with an efficient design, makes the H120 an economical all-rounder for home cleaning.

The H120 has three times the storage capacity of the others. (1.2L large capacity dust cup)

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