This is a review post about Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner which is lightweight, with a 350W Digital Motor and a Lithium Battery and LED Brush. Lets' dive in.

With more than 2,000 audits, the Tineco A10 is the most darling cordless stick vacuum on Amazon. "In the wake of sifting through the items on Amazon, I arrived on this little pearl. It is, by a long shot, the absolute best stick vacuum I have ever claimed," keeps in touch with one lady. "It is light and naturally simple to utilize. Additionally, my felines and I are commotion touchy, and it is extremely peaceful." Reviewers likewise noticed that the vacuum accompanies a few clever structure components, including two batteries, which are "convenient while doing upstairs and down the stairs, just as LED lights on the front, which are "useful in light of the fact that it can show me obviously where the earth is." They additionally adulated the intensity of the suction. "This amazing little vacuum removes all the work from vacuuming. The standard suction level gets everything easily and the MAX power level is amazing." The vacuum additionally accompanies a HEPA channel for better air filtration. One commentator with sensitivities and asthma expresses, "Filtration was a major central factor in picking this unit, and once more, it didn't disillusion. There is ZERO residue payoff while being used, and the residue canister discharges no problem at all. The HEPA is additionally effectively available and rinsable. It resembles having another vacuum each day."

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Now we will go through certain points of the different aspects and then provide a review in great details so that users can take the informed decision.


So according to the online reviews as well as our testing on several of this vacuum, it comes with a partially charged battery and may take several charge cycle even to start getting the full time as stated. But it runs generally for 20-25 minutes on regular mode and 7 minutes on high mode. A version of this vacuum is shipped ( the blue one) with extra battery and a floor brush which costs 100$ or something around that extra. So if you opt for the extra battery option then, your cleaning time can essentially double.

Cleaning performance:

According to reviews, and our 10 hour of torture testing on the machine, we found that it is an extra ordinary cleaning machine. Even after sweeping with a ordinary dyson vacuum, it can clean all the remaining dusts, pet hair and crumbs from both rugs, carpets as well as hardwood. So this is a good vacuum to achieve that super clean mode you always aim to achieve when starting the vacuum work. Also, cleaning with tineco is super smooth as all the filters are washable and dumping the bin dust is just a breeze. So once you are done with the cleaning, you can just wash and rinse the filters and dry them for tomorrow's cleaning; as simple as that.

Practical feedbacks:

All of those good things are the reasons which makes it important to buy and use this machine. But like every other good things under the blue sky, this has a few short coming too. The machine does not have a wall mount and therefore is not that easy to use on the walls and certain corners. Also, the machine is a bit noisy, and therefore, you can not enjoy Tv while cleaning with it. But these are very minor short comings for such a good cleaner with so low a price.


Tineco A10, is one of the best vacuum cleaners which is lightweight, great at cleaning floors of all types and competes with dyson v7 and dyson v8 from its price range. So if you are living in a moderately big house, and want a new vacuum cleaner, you should try the Tineco A10 for sure.