Our LG Cordzero A9 stick vacuum review reveals the best features of this mid-end vacuum. Its specs can be closely compared with that of best Dyson vacuums, and so can its price. On the other hand, different variants of the Cordzero A9 have been designed, and its base model is the A905RM. Other variants include the A906SM (Charge Plus) and the A907GMS (Ultimate), however, this review focuses on the base model.

The LG Cordzero A9 Charge A905RM adopts a cordless design that ensures you can clean with ease. This appliance serves as a stick and handheld vacuum to ensure you can clean different areas with it. What's more, its powerful suction makes it suitable for use on different surfaces. Now here's a review of the LG Cordzero A9 Charge A905RM features.

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1. Design:

The LG Cordzero A9 Charge is a cordless vacuum that weighs 5.63 lbs. As such, it is a lightweight device that also offers flexibility while cleaning. Its cordless nature means you can vacuum just about anywhere without staying close to a power source. There's also the portable charging stand of this unit that ensures you're able to store it and use it to charge anywhere.

Furthermore, the length of this device's wand can be adjusted to meet the height that is to be cleaned. This allows you to clean the ceiling or curtains. The A9 can also be converted into a handheld vacuum to enable you to clean stairs, furniture, and cars easily and quickly. Much more, the ability to adjust its length makes it even easier to store.

2. Technology:

The A905RM features a direct drive motor stationed within the nozzle cleaning head. This motor can get rid of dust, dirt, and pet hairs from hardwood floors as well as carpets. Also, its Smart Inverter Motor offers powerful 140AW suction to lift small and large debris from all floor types. The vacuum also enables you to control its features with a single touch. Here, a touch can turn the unit on or off, or change its power levels.

Coupled with that, this unit comes with a 5-step system filtration system that filters 99.99% of dust and dirt. In this case, the dirt in the device's bin is separated before the dust is filtered. What this means is that you get a better cleaning of your home or office, thanks to the nature of these filters. And after prolonged use, you can remove and wash the filter to get it working perfectly again. Check here for the best tips on how to maintain your vacuum.

3. Battery:

The LG Cordzero A9 Charge is a cordless stick vacuum cleaner that does not necessarily have to be connected to a power source while in use. As such, this is a battery-powered device that is rechargeable to provide continuous usage. Accordingly, this unit features two rechargeable, detachable batteries that can be charged and used simultaneously. Hence, this is one of the best cordless vacuums with a replaceable battery.

On the other hand, corded vacuums are said to offer more suction power since they are directly connected to a power source. However, when there's no light and you still need a thorough cleaning, cordless is the way to go. The A905RM, for instance, offers 80 minutes of run time after a full charge, which is long enough to support the cleaning of a whole house. And asides from saving you from tangling yourself between cords, it also allows you to replace its batteries if need be.

4. Price and Customer Reviews:

The LG Cordzero A9 Charge sells for $499, which places it in the same price range as the Dyson V11 Torque Drive and Dyson V8 cordless vacuum. Therefore, if you're out to get a tough competitor to the Dyson or considering a change of brand, this unit would be a good place to start.

According to the reviews of previous buyers who purchased the same product, the A905RM has great suction, which makes it ideal for carpets and hard floors. The unit also operates quietly and has a lightweight making it easy to use and move under the bed.  Other users noted that its battery lasts long and just a single battery could be used to clean an 1100 sq ft room.

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You'll find the LG Cordzero A9 Charge A905RM  useful if you're out to buy a cordless vacuum that has powerful suction. Its lightweight design and removable batteries are also its biggest selling points. That being the case, make the bold decision to buy this vacuum and make it an active part of your cleaning.