Dyson V11 Absolute is a vacuum cleaner that is at the cutting edge of consumer technology. Besides, the vacuum won the 2019T3 Vacuum Award that is sponsored by AEG. This is because this cordless vacuum has many features that make it the best in the market.

For instance, the vacuum can convert to a handheld device. It also has a screen that displays the real-time battery life as well as other information such as the power mode being used. Also, Dyson V11 Absolute is known to perform exceptionally under very hardcore conditions.

Dyson V11 Absolute At A Glance

·         Easy to assemble

·         1 hour battery life

·         High torque cleaner

·         Dynamic Load Sensor

·         Easy to empty dust canister

·         Bagless with a capacity of 0.76 litres

·         Easily fitted and removed attachments

·         LCD screen with information about the remaining run time and power mode

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Unboxing Dyson V11 Absolute

Despite the many versions of the stick that the vacuum offers, the core model is the same. Dyson V11 Absolute is different from other Dyson vacuums because of the accessories it provides as well as the color and paint job of the accessories.

All the accessories provide include the core vacuum V11, a mini motorized tool, a crevice tool, a dirt brush, a charger, a high torque cleaning head, a combination tool, a mini soft dusting brush, a wand storage clip, and a docking station. The high torque has a dynamic cleaning sensor.

This vacuum also has an additional attachment that has a soft roller. This attachment is used on hardwood floors. All these are accessories that make the Dyson V11 Absolute perfect for tackling any vacuuming task.

The accessories are very easy to assemble. Also, the Nickel Blue and Copper painting on the vacuum’s finish makes it an elegant looking device to use and store in the house.

Display and Power

The essential improvements were made to the Dyson V11 Absolute after generation V10. The first improvement is the boost in suction power, the second is the addition of the LCD display, and the last is the integrated dynamic load sensor.

While the V10 already had a great amount of suction power, the V11 uses fan blades that spin 125000 rpm as well as a powerful 14 concentric cyclones. As a result, the device generates a suction of 185 Air Watts. This is a twenty percent improvement over the V10 model.

Hence, the Dyson V11 Absolute doubles the power of really effective cleaning. But, this maximum power is only applicable in boost mode. Nevertheless, this mode will ensure that everything on the floor is cleared out.

Moreover, the new LCD display has been created so that it is always facing you when you clean. This high tech display has several useful features. For instance, it has a button that will allow you to cycle through the vacuum modes manually.

Also, it will show you the reminder of your battery life once you select a mode. Besides, the display updates real-time, hence, you will always get an accurate reading. The display will also show you other essential information such as prompts to clean the filter or charge the battery.

The display will also tell you where you can locate a blockage.

A Hand Held Device

The ability of Dyson cordless vacuums to quickly shift to hand held devices is still one of their greatest features. This is no different for the V11 model. Hence, you can use the device to clean spaces in your car. Also, V11 is light enough to use with one hand.

Dynamic Load Sensor

Dyson V11 Absolute has a new integrated dynamic sensor that will allow you to use the device in a house that has mixed surfaces. All you have to do is out the vacuum on Auto mode. It will then shift automatically into higher power as you move from one surface to the other.

You can also move from a hard floor to a carpeted surface when using this device. This feature also helps to optimize the suction based on the surface. As a result, the battery life will be maximized.

Capacity and Battery Life

Common challenges for cordless vacuum cleaners include the capacity and the battery life of the vacuums. This is because the manufacturer needs to balance the space and weight that bigger batteries need as well as the increase in vacuum size and weight that comes from a higher capacity.

This is even harder when the device needs to convert to a hand held vacuum. With the 10 previous vacuum series that came before V11, Dyson has perfected the art of balancing capacity and battery life.

The V11 battery is rated at 60 minutes of use when in Eco mode. The point and shoot dirt bin offers a capacity of 0.2 gallons. Hence, typically, you will not have to stop cleaning so that you can recharge.

However, always remember to recharge the device after cleaning to always ensure the battery is full. Besides, an empty V11 will be fully charged within 5 hours. You can also find replacement batteries as a Dyson store.

Also, while the bin can withstand a full house cleaning, a thorough cleaning for a big house might require emptying before the session is over. You might even have to empty the bin three times in one cleaning.


You will not go wrong with the Dyson V11 Absolute cordless vacuum. This is especially true if you want something that is both powerful and versatile. Get one for yourself today on Amazon and worry no more about a dirty house.