The Dirt Devil Max Plus cordless stick vacuum cleaner is a cordless unit from Dirt Devil, a US-based manufacturer of household vacuum cleaners and floor care. There are many different appliances, mostly cleaning based, produced by Dirt Devil, as well as a series of other floor care products, including, but not limited to, handheld vacuum cleaners and carpet shampooing machines. There is also a Dirt Devil division dedicated to central vacuums for homes and Recreational Vehicles.

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The Dirt Devil Reach Max Plus is a portable cordless vacuum. It is mostly in red known for most Dirt Devil cleaning devices. It weighs about 6.4 pounds and measures 9 inches in length, 10 inches in width, and 44.9 inches in height. With these dimensions, the device is still lightweight and steerable and can be used for a long time without sprain.


The Dirt Devil Reach Max Plus was built to carry a sizeable amount of dirt at a time. This is because the unit comes with a 0.7-liter dit cup capacity. With this, you can clean large spaces in the home, office, etc., before needing to empty its waste.

It can be steered above, around, and under obstacles with minimal effort. The premium brush roll is also specially designed to power through messes on both carpet and hard floors. Furthermore, the Reach Max Plus can quickly convert to a cordless hand vacuum for car, upholstery, and stair cleaning.


A 24 Volt Lithium battery powers the Dirt Devil Reach Max Plus vacuum; this means that this is a cordless vacuum that works exclusively without a cord. You won't need to plug it into a power source to use it. Just get the battery charged fully, and you're good to go - take it anywhere, and clean with it.

When the battery is fully charged, the device can run for approximately 20 minutes non-stop. Furthermore, it comes with faster charging, fades free power.

Price and Customer Reviews

The Dirt Devil Reach Max Plus's price is about $100.95. Therefore, this is a cheap cordless vacuum you can buy. It also comes with a few add-ons. For one, it comes with all six batteries required, these are added to the crevice tool, powered cleaning wand, carpet nozzle, and stair/upholstery tool that comes along with the device. What’s more, it comes with a 2-year warranty.

You can also check out the reviews of other buyers to aid your decision whether this device is worth your money or not. According to some of the customers, its suction power is good. Some users were able to clean dog hair, garage sawdust, and other particles using it. Nonetheless, other buyers noted that the parts are not easily replaceable. Some users complained that it's dirt tank gets clogged easily.

Buy Now: B01MF64OF0 Buy Now: B01MF64OF0

Here are a few points to have in mind:


  • The Dirt Devil Reach Max Cordless Vacuum Cleaner comes with a two-year warranty, which is a huge plus since most competitors offer a one-year warranty.
  • It has an excellent swivel function that makes it easy to turn during use.
  • The crevice attachment is handy for vacuuming in between cushions.
  • It has an easy-to-detach dust bin.
  • It also comes with two suction power levels, which allows you to conserve battery life or use the boost mode for the more substantial jobs.


  • The Dirt Devil Reach Max Cordless Vacuum Cleaner wall mount has 3M tape but with no screws. You would need to supply the screws yourself. It is suggested that you mount with screws as the vacuum is relatively heavy. The 3M tape won't do the job long term.
  • It would've been nice if an extra filter was included in the package.


There you have it! Reflect on every aspect reviewed and make sure you only purchase The Dirt Devil Reach Max Cordless Vacuum Cleaner if it suits your needs.