If you're looking for one of the best and high rated vacuums from Shark, your best bet would be the Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106 stick bagless vacuum. With over 6,000 ratings on Amazon, it goes to show its level of popularity. SV1106's popularity among consumers can be tied to its impressive features and budget-friendly price.

As a stick vacuum, it's convenient to slide beneath furniture and hard-to-reach areas to remove dust, pet hair, threads, etc. Beyond that, you can clean while standing, instead of bending your back over a task that could take time. To top it off, the bagless nature of this unit ensures you don't buy bags after bags just to keep it clean.

Also, think of it as a way of protecting the environment since bags are not littered around the space. You can also check here on how to clean your cordless bagless vacuum cleaner. Now, here's a review of the Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106 stick vacuum.

1. Design:

The Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106 is a cordless vacuum that enables you to move from one room to the other freely. There's no cord to deal with, hence you can clean without hassles. The vacuum can be swivelled and placed flat on the ground to help you clean under beds, couches, tv consoles, and just about anywhere.

To further enhance its ease of use, this unit sports a lightweight of 7.5 lbs. which makes it easy to manoeuvre and clean with. And once you're done, you can store away easily. You don't have to move around with a heavy vacuum cleaner. Therefore, it’s a portable stick vacuum you can buy.

2. Technology:

The SV1106 can be used to clean bare floors and carpets thanks to its Brushroll with 2-speed settings. These settings have been optimized to handle either surface. The SV1106 also boasts of powerful suction that enables it to pick pet hairs.

As such, if you're out to get a vacuum that has been designed to handle dog and cat hairs, this would be it. It also features an advanced swivel steering that allows it to be manoeuvred easily beneath the furniture.

3. Capacity:

The SV1106 has a dust cup whose capacity is 0.64 quarts. You may not have to empty the dust cup frequently, given its extra-large size. Hence, even if you have a house filled with pets, and you're out to get rid of all the fur, it can be contained within this dust cup.

Also, this is a bagless vacuum cleaner that is cheaper to operate and maintain compared to a bagged vacuum. It'll save you money every month because you don't have to purchase dust bags occasionally. You can also tell when it's time to empty the vacuum's dust cup and get rid of the dirt conveniently.

4. Battery:

Cordless vacuums have several benefits over corded vacuums, and the SV1106 also boasts of these benefits. As a cordless vacuum, it is battery-powered, which prevents you from tangling yourself between cords while cleaning. You can move between rooms easily, instead of being limited by a cord.

That aside, when the power runs down, you need to recharge to keep the unit up and running. Its Lithium-ion battery can also power the appliance for a long time before there's a need to recharge. Besides, it keeps its charge without running down unnecessarily while not in use.

5. Price and Customer Reviews:

For these features, the Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106's price is $99.99. Therefore, if you need a cordless vacuum cleaner under $100, you've found it. You do not have to spend so much to keep your home tidy. And if you're trying cordless vacuums for the first time, you may want to start with an appliance that'll leave a good first impression.

Furthermore, you can rely on the reviews of customers who purchased this unit. According to them, they were able to use the SV1106 to clean carpets and bare floors. It could even handle the hairs in a home with 3 dogs. Also, it was quite easy to take it apart to be emptied and remove its filter to be cleaned.

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The Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106 stick vacuum is a sought-after cordless vacuum for pet hairs. It can be used on bare floors and carpets easily. And most importantly, it comes with a good price that will ensure that even if you're on a tight budget, you won't break a sweat just to get one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners.