It's not in every case simple to discover a choice of cleaning abilities comparable to large canister vacs all in a cordless, yet Shark's done it. Given this sort of suction, this is an incredible vac for pet hair ground in profound covers and functions admirably on tile floors. Clients note that the floor covering brush is consistently in the down position, in any event, when off, so this isn't prescribed for fragile hardwoods.

Completely stacked as an upstanding, this vacuum deals with a wide range of flotsam and jetsam. Use it as a stick for speedy pick-ups or under furnishings and on stairs. In the handheld mode, it functions admirably as a vehicle vacuum, or for drapery bars, residue and anything in the middle.

The all out battery life of 50 minutes depends on utilizing the ION™ power mode. Utilizing higher suction settings lessens that time between energizes.

On the off chance that you figure your normal use may surpass this, you can purchase a subsequent battery; the removable exchangeable battery can be charged in the vacuum or connected legitimately to the divider charging unit.

Notwithstanding a simple to-exhaust dust cup, the HEPA channel and froth channel are both launderable, further controlling your continuous expenses, while covering cleaning requirements for families with hypersensitivities to residue and dander.

It puts away up, making it simpler to keep in a wardrobe. With the single downside of not being the best vac for hardwoods, this Shark vacuum ticks more all-around boxes than some other cordless on our rundown.

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Shark ION P50