The Shark Ion F80 lets you swap battery packs to broaden the run time. It has an ordinary on/off catch that is simpler for those with hand and wrist issues to work than a trigger, and its double roller cleaning head functions admirably on uncovered floors and short-heap mats.

Some Benefits

Incredible cordless suction for ordinary soil, flotsam and jetsam, pet hair, and high traffic zones

Upto 80 minutes of all out runtime with 2 batteries close by vacuum power mode; Vacuum, switch the battery, and continue onward

2X Ion power pack framework incorporates 2 removable, battery-powered lithium particle batteries and a charging dock

Multiflex innovation empowers helpful under furniture reach and unattached, reduced capacity

Duoclean innovation imagined for fine residue and huge flotsam and jetsam on rugs and hard floors; One powerhead, two brushrolls; Do not utilize cleanser

The Shark Ion F80 MultiFlex appears as though it was reason worked to be something contrary to a Dyson, in all the manners in which that a few people discover Dyson sticks baffling. The Shark configuration has a removable battery, so you can swap packs to expand the run time (it accompanies two packs, which can control the vacuum for as long as 80 minutes). The force switch is an ordinary on/off catch rather than a trigger. The Ion F80's cleaning head has a one of a kind double roller configuration that is better at getting huge flotsam and jetsam (like oat) from exposed floors than most stick vacs, it's still truly acceptable on short-heap mats. The Ion F80 can likewise stand up all alone. On the off chance that you don't care for the Dyson structure and you're not all that worried about floor covering cleaning execution—perhaps you don't have any thick carpets, you as of now have a solid vacuum, or you couldn't care less about the couple of grams of residue that you'll never observe covered between the filaments of your mats—the Ion F80 could be a decent alternative.

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