An outstanding versatile cordless cleaner with plenty of power, remarkable run-times, and two batteries.


  • Exceptional      run-times
  • Brilliant      hard-floor and carpet cleaning
  • Tools      for every contingency
  • Strong      ‘low power’ mode
  • Effective      folding tube
  • Great      for stairs and pets


  • Slightly      cumbersome compared to rivals
  • Eye-watering      full price
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Key Specifications

  • Review Price: From £450
  • Two batteries and charger dock
  • Flexology folding tube
  • DuoClean head
  • HEPA filtration
  • Anti-Allergen Dust Brush
  • Motorised Pet Tool
  • LED headlights
  • 5-year guarantee

With a dedicated pet hair tool, folding tube and removable battery, Shark’s DuoClean Cordless TruePet IF250UKT has a long features list. Two batteries promise super-long run-times, filtration is HEPA quality, and the potent DuoClean head sports LED headlights.

It works, too, with a total of around 24 minutes’ run-time, even on the most powerful carpet-cleaning setting. It’s a little bulky in the hand, heavy to access high cobwebs, and the main floor head tends to tug forward. Still, its cleaning power on hard floors and carpets is utterly striking. This super-resourceful Shark is a serious competitor to Dyson’s mighty V-series.


The DuoClean TruePet is Shark’s prize champion in the cordless cleaning market. We simply mean it comes bragging powerful performance and an equally staggering price ticket. It displays a pistol-grip design, hand-held and stick flexibility and a power-driven floor head for hard floors and carpets alike.

Front-page features include the detachable battery and dock-charger, and a state-of-the-art folding tube. The latter not only makes the DuoClean easier to store, but it allows the head to easily get under low obstructions. Deep cleaning under the couch is easy.

The Shark comes with two batteries offering twice the run-time. They can be charged in the provided dock, on their own or while in the cleaner body. The cleaner has two power settings and two brush-bar speeds for the powered head, providing an extensive range of run-times.

The main DuoClean floor head is quite a spectacle. It packs twin motorized brush bars and eight very bright LED headlights. The soft-bristled brush bar will pick up dirt and fine dust from hard floors. The tail bar packs two rows of typical carpet-beating bristles. It rolls on two large wheels and has a tilt and turn neck motion.

There’s plenty of other accessories in the box, too. A long crevice tool comes with a dedicated upholstery brush and sizeable dusting tool. You also get Shark’s pioneering Anti-Allergen Dust Brush, which proved perfect for dusting windowsills and getting behind radiators.

The TruePet version here also gets Shark’s trendy Motorized Pet Tool. This is a small powered brush bar tool with a multi-angle floor plate. Unlike any other, it folds up for storage.

The Shark also comes with a cloth bag to keep all the accessories organized.

Design and features

The handheld unit weighs 1.58kg with the battery pack included. The Shark looks and feels a big unit. With the battery and motor in front of the pistol grip, it simply feels heavier to wield.

Adding the folding tube and DuoClean floor head, and the whole group tilted the scales at 4kg. This isn’t a major issue when cleaning since much of that weight is sitting on the floor, but when you move around rooms or want it carried upstairs, you’ll certainly notice. The Shark hits back on the movability end with its instant fold-over storage position and special carry handle.

Floor cleaning in ‘stick’ mode, the Shark is pretty long. It certainly won’t be a stretch for taller users. Our opinion regarding the lack of pivoting neck on the main floor head is mixed. While it allows the precise change in the direction of the head with a simple wrist motion, it feels a bit heavy. You need to put the effort in to navigate.

The folding tube is just strange but, hey, it works right? For getting under low hurdles without having to bend it’s simply wonderful. Many spaces under our sofas and cabinets that hadn’t seen daylight for quite some time benefitted from a thorough vacuuming. The only downside of the design is that the tube’s folding mechanism adds weight when you’re cleaning up high.

Power on/off is a chief button on the rear panel. Nothing like a trigger, this allows you to switch on and leave it running.  Buttons to the right and left shift between low/high power and slow/high speed for the brush bar, with well-lit illustrations.

Emptying the Shark is simple enough, simply open the front flap and the litter drops out. It works flawlessly– but large amounts of pet hair did trouble emptying it. They have a tendency to become enveloped around the eye of the cyclone and stuck fast, which required pitching in with fingers to pull out the fur and dust.

Charging and run-times

Two detachable batteries are provided in the box alongside a charging dock. The batteries pack plenty of charge and sport nice LED charge level indicators. A fully drained battery takes 3.5 hours to charge.

The run time depends on the power level selected, the number of motorized attachments and the speed they are running at. Shark reports its maximum runtime as 44 minutes, however this applies to using both batteries. With a few attachments involved, the runtime increases significantly. On High power mode, the runtime falls to 12-13 minutes but offers more powerful cleaning than its predecessors and competitors.

How noisy is it?

Well, it is not as quiet as some of the best mains- powered vacuums, but it is remarkable for a cordless. Suppressing the noise of the high power motor of a handheld cleaner is quite difficult but the design overcomes this hurdle by simplifying the airflow and using two filters to reduce the noise.

While on low power mode with simple attachments, it makes about 70dB f noise, which is pretty good actually. However, on high power mode, the noise levels increased. Ringing at 78dB cleaning on hard floor, this is still quite great for a powerful cordless cleaner.

How does it clean hard floors?

On the lower power setting, the shark packs a mean suction, actually considerably more than its competition. On the high power setting, the suction increases quite well proportionately. It is about as powerful as low end corded cleaners but hardly competes with others of its kind.  However, it does run for much longer on high power, which you can count as a fair trade.

How does it clean carpets?

Carpet cleaning was quite exceptional too, however with some hitches. Lighter debris was quickly taken care of, but heavier liter needed a few more passes to remove. The soft roller at the front of the head restricts how aggressively the cleaner rounds the debris into a pile. Edge cleaning also appears to be very good. Little dust remains where the carpet folds under itself or at the extremes ends of its edges. The Shark’s results were great for a cordless cleaner.

The major issues experienced were mostly functional. Slower cleaning maintained the suction force and even finish. Faster cleaning led to uneven finish and required more passes. This is because as the cleaner is pulled back quickly, the heavy head tends to lift of the ground and loses all suction power.

How does it cope with pet hair?

The Duoclean main floor head has plenty of suction power for removing hair and fur on hard floors and carpets. However, the soft roller stops the stiff brush from digging and retrieving deep set hair and fur fibers. That is where the Shark’s Motorized Pet Tool comes in handy. It works very well with dog beds and upholstery, removing hair easily without sucking fabric. Additionally, it isn’t noisy enough to scare sensitive pets into hiding.

How easy is it to use on stairs?

The Shark is light, powerful and hardly disappoints. The motorized pet tool works outstandingly on carpeted steps. The base plate’s tilt provides just enough flexibility to keep it firmly in place. The main floor head is probably not recommended because it is just too heavy for working on small steps, even worse for tightly angled steps. Then again the dusting brush and Anti- Allergen dust brush work just as well.

Should I buy the Shark DuoClean Cordless TruePet?

The classy, clever design of the Shark offers powerful cleaning abilities for hard floors and carpets while delivering its promise with amazing run time, battery capacity and motorized attachments. However, it does lag behind in the general perfection of other models. It can be cumbersome to use but on the whole, it is rather efficient and inexpensive. The Shark’s cleaning capabilities and superb run time set it apart as a strong candidate for the finest cordless cleaner market.