The Shark Apex Duoclean Corded ZS362 review unveils the best features of a corded vacuum from Euro-Pro, a maker of Shark vacuums. For the uninitiated, Shark is a major housecare brand and its products are often compared side by side with those from Dyson, another major manufacturer of innovative cleaning solutions.

Therefore, if you're torn between choosing a Dyson device and one from Shark, this review will help you out. In terms of price. the ZS362 falls in the same range as the Dyson V7 Animal and Motorhead vacuums, with the major difference in the way they are powered. That aside here's a review of the best features of the Shark Apex Duoclean Corded ZS362.

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1. Design:

The Shark Apex Duoclean ZS362 is a corded vacuum that needs to be connected to a power source while in use. It may offer a more powerful suction than a cordless vacuum in its range but the cord may restrict your movements minimally. Nonetheless, you'll still be able to swivel this unit into tight corners and around the furniture to get rid of dirt. And the cord's length of 30 feet offers extensive cleaning.

What's more, this vacuum features LED headlights to help you spot hidden dirt and debris in lowly lit areas. You can also turn the unit into a portable handheld vacuum to help you clean regions above the floor. The compact nature of this unit also makes it easy to use and it's weight at 10lbs. ensures you can maneuver and store away with ease. Needless to say, this appliance is a bit heavier than some units whose weight is around 5 lbs.

2. Technology:

The ZS362 features a Duo clean technology, which Shark says is a dual brush roll that deep cleans carpets and directly engages floors. As such, it'll be easy to get rid of those small, and stuck-on particles faster and easily. Whether you choose to use it to pick up hair, dirt, or dust from carpets, floors, stairs, and furniture, this unit will serve you well.

Specifically, there is a Zero-M self-cleaning brush roll that helps in tackling hairs on all floor types. And given that this is a corded vacuum that is connected to a power source, its suction is powerful. Paired with the unit are a crevice tool, a flexible extension hose, and an upholstery/dusting brush combination tool.

3. Dust Capacity:

To reduce the number of times you'll have to empty the dust cup and ensure you clean several rooms at a time, this unit features a dust cup with an extra-large capacity. This capacity sits at 0.74 quarts, which is considerably larger than a good number of vacuums out there. Therefore, your unit won't be clogged with dirt easily and you won't have to free its content every so often.

On the other hand, it is recommended that you expose its dirt after each cleaning to ensure the unit performs powerfully at each time. Likewise, the cup should be emptied even before its content reaches the marked out limit for the amount of dirt it should hold. You can find more tips on how to maintain your vacuum here.

4. Price and Customer Reviews:

The Shark Apex Duoclean ZS362 sells for $219.99. Considering the price at which the vacuum is offered with its features, this unit is a good buy. It is an inexpensive vacuum that can be very useful in your home. And if you're not willing to spend up to $400 or over $500 for a single vacuum, then here's an ideal one to work with.

Per the reviews of previous buyers, this Shark vacuum is a great contender to Dyson's and Roomba's vacuums. It was noted that its Duo clean head is its biggest selling point since the brush roll can pick up just about anything you throw at it. The unit's lightweight design was also commended as well as its ease of usage.

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The Shark Apex Duoclean Corded ZS362 review above will help you decide if this is a unit you want as a part of your home. It can serve as a backup to your main vacuum when the latter is not fully functional or out of use. That being the case, give these features great consideration and then make a decision to be a proud owner of a vacuum from Shark.