Vacuum cleaners have undoubtedly become a major accessory both in public and private spaces. Their necessity transcends private uses, as some companies place a very high priority on the vacuum cleaner at their disposal, largely due to the proliferation of the market and the influx of substandard vacuum cleaners in and around the market.

In other to get a good value for money spent, we have painstakingly dedicated our resources to give major reasons why you should pitch your tent with SEBO Vacuum cleaners.

About SEBO

SEBO is one of the most trusted names when it comes to quality vacuum cleaners, the company was founded in 1978 by two engineers and are famed for producing quality high-end products that have over the years gained the trust and respect of not only private households but big-time companies and even governments.

SEBO products are preferred by top hospitals, hotels, universities and also gained the trust of the White House in the United States and Buckingham Palace in Great Britain. A SEBO in your home means top filtration, power, versatility for the whole house, deep cleaning plus outstanding reliability backed by a staggering seven years’ warranty.

Reasons Why You Should Own A SEBO Vacuum Cleaner

Unrivaled Filtration

SEBO is equipped with a top-notch S-Class filter system that brings Hospital-grade filtration into your home. Each vacuum, whether upright or canister utilizes caps to ensure complete confinement of all material.

Top-fill bags mean dirt collects at the bottom and accumulates upwards without recirculating which allows greater airflow. You can also choose to upgrade your filter base to HEPA Ultra filter bags. This filtering system is designed to help capture all sorts of particles, no matter how small and to ensure that absolutely nothing escapes through cracks or gaps in the vacuum itself. Whatever goes in the vacuum, stays in the vacuum.

High Tech Performance

All dirt, dust, and debris collection begins on the cleaning surface. Using up to 1300 CFM of airflow to the floor for maximum suction. Uniquely designed brush rollers and floor tools funnel dirt, hair, and debris into the power head’s airflow channel instead of pushing it around on the floor.

Select models use electronically-controlled automatic height adjustment to ensure the best brush roll height for superior cleaning and include a warning light notifying you if optimum contact has not been met. But in the case of a hard floor vacuuming, a rubber seal strip will ensure that the debris moves into the airflow rather than escaping from the floor tool.

Flexibility and Adaptability

One of the major advantages of a SEBO vacuum cleaner is that it fits every home. It doesn’t really matter the nature of your apartment, SEBO vacuum cleaner easily adapts to the conditions of the home. As long as you have needs that need taking care of, it doesn’t really matter if it’s a bare floor, carpeting, mixed flooring, or others, a SEBO vacuum cleaner is the answer.

Endurance and Integrity

While most vacuum cleaners ware off with age, SEBO vacuum cleaners are built to withstand any form of activity without fading off or looking worn out. Made from a strong engineering-grade material designed to resist impact, all its interior is made from aluminum and metal and includes a timing-belt driven brush with clutch protection. The wheels on every vacuum are rubber coated, mounted on steel axles and bearings for a non-scuff, smooth-rolling ride.

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In conclusion,

Although the market is saturated with a lot of vacuum cleaners, it’s better to go with a company that’s tested, trustworthy and have proven its mettle over and over again with success story abound everywhere. And SEBO vacuums can be said to have all it takes.