If you want to increase your productivity while cleaning, then you need one of the best backpack vacuums. One of such is the Pacvac superpro 700 backpack vacuum cleaner. The latter is a quality appliance that has become popular among users in Australia and the UK. It can be used to clean multiple rooms, walls, ceilings, stairs, desks, and hard to reach areas.

In the case of the latter, regions with various obstacles will require that you move a traditional upright unit such as a cordless stick vacuum around. However, this is not the case with a backpack vacuum. There's no need to lift or roll aside the vacuum to reach tight spaces. Moreover, the unit is light and comfortable for the operator to carry for a long time.

Now here's all you need to know about the Pacvac superpro 700 backpack vacuum cleaner and what makes it a good buy.

1. Design:

This vacuum has a weight of 5.2kg without its power cord (18-meter cord) and hose. For this reason, it is a compact and lightweight vacuum. Given that it'll have to stay on your back for a long time while in use, it makes it needful to come with a lightweight. You won't have to deal with sore shoulders or backache at the end of the day, or after frequent use.

In addition, this unit features an ergonomic frame and harness. The frame moulds into the body, while the harness is adjustable. Either of these ensures that you get increased comfort and adopt a correct posture while working. Further, the Superpro 700 comes with two cloth bags and five paper vacuum bags. The cloth bags can be reused to save you the expenses of always having to buy new ones.

2. Technology:

The Pacvac Superpro 700 backpack vacuum's motor two-stage flow-through is rated at 1000W. The motor provides maximum suction power and durability, thereby allowing different sizes of dirt and debris to be eliminated from surfaces easily. Also, this vacuum comes with great 4-stage filtration. But that's not all!

It has been paired with a Hypercone HEPA filter that offers 99.999% filtration efficiency, The filter also enables suction power to be maintained while cleaning is carried out. Each of these features helps the machine to offer reliable and quality performance. Lest we forget, the Superpro 700’s noise level sits at 67dB(A), which allows the unit to operate quietly.

3. Capacity:

The Pacvac Superpro 700 backpack vacuum comes with a dust bin whose capacity is 5-litres. Based on this size, it can hold more dirt than the regular vacuum before there is a need to empty its interior. As such, you can expect uninterrupted cleaning where you get rid of the whole dirt in your commercial space before there is a need to empty its content to the exterior.

It's even better since this vacuum comes with a clear lid that enables you to see the canister. If you're able to do so, you can easily tell when its time to empty it. Much more, it will help to maintain the high-level performance of the machine. That aside, the super-strong cord restraint of the appliance ensures that you are protected while using the unit.

4. Accessories:

Accessories that have been paired with this unit include a two-piece Chrome Wand, combination floor tool, crevice tool, upholstery nozzle, and dusting brush. It ensures that while you have a vacuum, you don't go scouring the net for quality accessories to pair it with.

5. Price:

The Pacvac superpro 700 backpack vacuum is $349.00. As such, it is priced at the mid-range segment of the market. However, this unit has been revamped with features that make it a tough competitor with others in its range. It performs powerfully and has been built to be durable. According to its maker, it is the "most popular of Pacvac's backpack range."

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The Pacvac superpro 700 backpack vacuum is suitable for everyday cleaning. It fits the body's form to ensure it is comfortable enough to be used for a long time. The unit itself boasts of a powerful suction that makes it ideal for homes and workspaces. Therefore, the ball's now in your court to purchase this unit and make it a part of your cleaning tools.