The NEQUARE cordless vacuum cleaner 18KPa is a great unit to have in your home or office. It promises to offer powerful suction and extended run time. As such, you can get rid of stubborn dirt in a large room before there's a need to recharge this appliance. Also, the NEQUARE appliance can be compared side-by-side with those from INSE. This is because cordless vacuums from both manufacturers are fierce competitors with each other.

On the other hand, there's a wide range of cordless vacuums in the market to choose from. Some are 3-in-1 cordless vacuum cleaners and handheld vacuums for cars. It'll also be useful to check out our review of what to consider before buying a cordless vacuum. These aside, here's what the NEQUARE cordless vacuum cleaner offers.

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1. Design

The NEQUARE cordless vacuum cleaner 18KPa is a stick vacuum that is used while standing uprightly. And given that it is a 4 in 1 unit, you can transform it into a handheld vacuum for cleaning cars, stairs, and the sofa.

It also means that you get to use either the stick or handheld vacuum depending on the height you're cleaning and where. What's more, this unit has a lightweight, which offers convenience when cleaning. You don't have to deal with a heavy appliance, and that makes cleaning easy.

2. Technology

This vacuum uses a 200W Brushless Motor that can offer 18Kpa powerful suction in MAX mode. The motor also enables the unit to operate quietly, and as such, you won't disturb other members of your household while getting some cleaning done. A MAX button has been stationed at the top of the unit's body. And turning on this button enables the vacuum to clean using its most powerful suction.

On the same note, this mode will enable the appliance to suck up hairs, dust, crumbs, and other particles more efficiently. That being the case, here's a unit that will allow you to clean quickly and easily. Consider using it for your walls, furniture, ceilings, hardwood floors, and carpet.

3. Accessories

The NEQUARE cordless vacuum cleaner has been paired with several brushes to ensure you can clean different floor types with ease. There's its Full-size multi-tasker LED power brush and brush, mini power brush, both of which can be used to clean mattresses and upholstered furniture.

You also get a 2-in-1 dusting brush for cleaning hard surfaces, curtains, etc. There's also a hard bristle roller for cleaning carpets and nozzle for crevices. Each of these accessories provides a unit whose performance is remarkable. And when you're done cleaning, you can return the device to its charging base to get it powered or stored.

4. Battery

As a cordless vacuum, this appliance makes use of a battery to aid its operation. In this case, you get a Lithium-ion battery that can provide 35 minutes of run time in low suction mode. There's also a MAX mode that promises 18 minutes of run time. The MAX mode is ideal when you're cleaning stubborn dirt or handling difficult tasks.

Coupled with that, NEQUARE, the unit's manufacturer, claims that the maximum suction of this appliance is five times that of regular DC cordless vacuums. Accordingly, you'll be able to get rid of different particles on your carpet, tile, and other surfaces.

5. Price and Reviews

The NEQUARE cordless vacuum cleaner's price is $119. This unit is a cheap cordless vacuum you should consider if you're on a tight budget. It's in the same price range as vacuums such as the BISSELL ICONpet cordless vacuum, Eureka RapidClean Pro, and BLACK+DECKER POWER SERIES cordless stick vacuum (HSVB420J).

On the other hand, the reviews of previous buyers of this appliance show that the unit's operation is remarkable. According to a customer, the battery life could sustain the unit while cleaning a two-story apartment. Others remarked that this is an economical alternative to the Dyson vacuum.

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A review of the NEQUARE cordless vacuum cleaner shows it is an inexpensive appliance that can offer deep cleaning of different surfaces. Therefore, make this device a part of your home, dorm, or office to keep your space clean at all times.