Let's talk about the Miele Triflex HX1 cordless vacuum cleaner for a moment. Miele's vacuums have caught the attention of many vacuum lovers recently. It's considered a worthy rival to Dyson vacuums. Whether you'll be using this as a main vacuum or a supporting cordless convenience, it's sure to do the work.

Let's take a closer look at the Miele Triflex HX1 vacuum cleaner to see what makes it a good buy.

Meet The Miele Triflex HX1 Cordless Cleaner

We think this vacuum, the Triflex HX1 is certainly a good buy. It basically has all you need in a vacuum. It can serve as an upright vacuum (with its weight at the bottom), as a stick vacuum (with its weight at the top), or as a handheld vacuum. With that in mind, let's take an even closer look, putting some factors into consideration to get a better picture.


The Miele's Triflex HX1 is sleek and comes in attractive colors. It's actually the first bagless and cordless vacuum cleaner from Miele, a German manufacturer of high-end domestic appliances.

It's a 3-in-1 cordless vacuum cleaner. When re-arranged, it can serve as both stick and upright cordless vacuum cleaners. And when dismantled, it can be used as a handheld vacuum cleaner to clean window frames or even used as a car handheld vacuum.

What's more, it uses a replaceable Li-ion battery. The battery is quoted by the manufacturer to run up to 60 minutes (120 minutes on the HX1 pro vacuum cleaner) on normal use. And its headlight on the floorhead? Simply awesome. Whether you are cleaning out a room with low light or a section of the room shielded from light, you are sure not to leave behind any dirt as you move along.

Lastly, its wall bracket. When the Triflex HX1 isn't in use by you, you can hang it upon its wall bracket. However, unlike Dyson vacuum cleaners charging docks, you have to plug in your HX1 while hanging for it to charge. But the HX1 pro comes with a charging dock.


The Miele HX1 vacuum cleaners also got a powerful suction. Strong enough to pick up any kind of dirt. And with its HEPA filter, you can be assured of the fact that the vacuum emits clean air. Even those with allergies don't need to worry about a thing when cleaning out their space.

And how about its turbo brush? No matter the floor type, the Miele Triflex HX1 vacuum brush can lift even the tiniest of pet hairs (soft furniture and car interiors inclusive).


There are some variants of the Triflex HX1 cordless vacuum from Miele. The Triflex HX1 bagless, the Triflex HX1 Cat & Dog, and the Triflex HX1 Pro vacuums. And they all come at various prices according to their performance.


The Miele Triflex HX1 cordless vacuum cleaners cost between £480 to about £800 depending on its variant. This could be seen as quite pricey but definitely worth its price. The following are some Triflex HX1 vacuums and their prices.

Miele 11333360, Triflex HX1 3-in-1 Bagless Battery-Powered Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Red

Buy Now: B07XS16KS8 Buy Now: B07XS16KS8

Miele 11333340, Triflex HX1 3-in-1 Bagless Battery Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, Lotus White

Buy Now: B07XRZ9699 Buy Now: B07XRZ9699

Miele 11333380, Triflex HX1 Pro 3 in 1 Bagless Battery Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Grey

Buy Now: B07XRGP4X5 Buy Now: B07XRGP4X5


The Miele Triflex HX1 cordless vacuum cleaner is indeed a Dyson competitor. It's got a lot of great reviews from its users. Little wonder its become the "talk of the town." If you got or used any of the HX1 cordless vacuums as well, feel free to share your experience in the comment section below.