A review of the best INSE cordless stick vacuum cleaners will show you the best appliances from INSE to settle for. These are top-rated cordless stick vacuums due to their high suction power, long battery life, and portability. As such, if you want to switch from your current brand to another, give these units your utmost consideration.

On the same note, we've made a comparison between INSE and NEQUARE to show you which brand is better. Other reliable cordless stick vacuums to buy include the Dirt Devil Reach Max Plus Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner and the Miele Triflex HX1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. Now check out these INSE cordless stick vacuums.

#1. INSE N6 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner:

Buy Now: B07YYF5TQG Buy Now: B07YYF5TQG

The INSE N6 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a stick vacuum that can also be transformed into a handheld cleaner. This appliance is suited for cleaning carpets and hard floors thanks to the accessories it comes with. There is a motorized brush head that features a soft and hard roller brush. The soft brush tackles dirt on low pile carpets while the hard brush works on hard floors.

On the other hand, this is a lightweight device, given its weight of 3.3lbs. Hence, it makes for easy floor to ceiling cleaning. This appliance also operates quietly, and its noise level is rated at 65db. It runs on a lithium battery, which promises 45 minutes of run time on standard mode and 15 mins on max mode.

There's also the unit's HEPA filter that helps to trap dirt, pollen, dust, and other particles. For these features, the INSE N6 sells for $139. Customers who purchased it were impressed with its two suction speeds, ease of use, and cheap price.

#2. INSE S6 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner:

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The INSE S6 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner comes with lots of admirable features. It is a 2 in 1 vacuum that can either be used as a stick or handheld cleaner. Also, the device can pick up stubborn dirt on carpets and hard floors thanks to its powerful suction and 250W digital motor. There's a stiff roller brush specially meant to be used on carpets and a soft roller with anti-static fiber for hard floors.

What's more, there is a removable lithium-ion battery on this unit, and its capacity is 2500mAh. This battery can provide a run time of 40 minutes after a single charge. This long run time will support the complete cleaning of a large room. There's also the benefit of being able to replace the battery with another if it runs down.

According to INSE, this appliance comes with four stages of a fully-sealed filtration system. Hence, it can capture 99.99% of the microscopic particles. The INSE S6 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner's price is $245. Per the reviews of previous buyers of this unit, the appliance is portable and has a powerful suction.

#3. INSE N5 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner:

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The INSE N5 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner serves as a stick and handheld vacuum. It can be used to clean rugs, cars, sofas, and a list of other places. There are four LED lights on this appliance to enable you to spot dirt when cleaning. And that means nothing gets left behind even if you're cleaning a poorly lit room.

On the other hand, this unit comes with two modes, and these are the Standard & MAX mode. The Standard mode is ideal for daily cleaning, while MAX mode can be used to get rid of stubborn dirt and particles. There's a 2200mAh lithium on this unit to provide a long run time. Coupled with that, it'll take five hours of charge to get the unit fully powered. It gets better since you can charge the battery directly, or charge the battery with the unit.

Further, this appliance features a dust cup whose capacity is 1.2 liters. The cup is large enough to hold more dirt at a time, and the dirt can be disposed of quickly. You'll be paying about $100 for this appliance. According to the reviews of customers who purchased it, the suction of this unit is powerful.


These are the best INSE cordless stick vacuum cleaners to buy today. They help you to keep your home, office, dorm, and other spaces dirt-free.