Just imagine what it would be like to know how to fix your cordless vacuum that keeps turning off and on (pulsating). It'll save you the expenses of employing the services of a repairman or getting a new cordless vacuum. Most importantly, your appliance will be up and running when you need it.

On the other hand, several people have complained that their Dyson vacuum shuts off after a few minutes. If you're experiencing this or you're using a different brand of a vacuum, there are workable solutions that can help you out.

Now try the following to fix a vacuum cleaner keeps stopping and starting:

1. Check the Battery:

Cordless vacuum cleaners need to be frequently charged to keep them operational. As such, the first thing you need to ensure is that yours has not run out of battery power. You also need to unplug the appliance from the power outlet after it has been fully charged before you turn it on. This is because most cordless vacuums do not operate while connected to the power source.

Over and above that, if your vacuum is running low in power, a light indicator will notify you. It is, however, worth pointing out that you may still encounter battery problems after a full charge if the battery has degraded. The reason is, batteries tend to lose their quality over time. Hence, yours may be in dire need of replacement to support the vacuum again.

2. Check for Blockages:

If your cordless vacuum keeps cutting out, another quick fix you can try is to check if its bin is full. Vacuum cleaners need proper airflow to carry out their tasks efficiently. Therefore, a full bin may hinder that from happening, especially if the machine perceives that its bin is full. This problem can easily be eliminated by testing the device without the bin to see if it still turns off and on. If it does not, then you know the culprit.

Now, you need to empty the appliance's bin and also remove any dirt that may be stuck within the bin's inlet. In this case, a blunt object can be stuck at the top of the appliance and its inlet flap. Shaking the vacuum may also help to dislodge any dirt that is stuck in its internal components. A bin replacement may also be helpful.

3. Check Your Filters:

Vacuum cleaners are designed with filters to trap dust and prevent them from entering the motor. Nonetheless, if these filters become full of dirt, it can cause the machine to pulsate. Before diving right in to clean your filters, you need to test your cordless vacuum without them. Therefore, remove the filters from the top of the vacuum and then test the machine to see if it turns on and off. If it does, then you need to clean the filters.

Here, disconnect the machine from the power source and locate where the filter is positioned using its instruction manual. Next, use cold, clean water to wash the filters. However, do not use detergent or soap on the filters. This is because it could potentially damage them. Once the filter has been washed, you can then leave them to dry for 24 hours before they are inserted into the machine again. This cleaning should restore your machine's operation to normalcy.

4. Remove the Dust Bucket:

The dust bucket in a vacuum can also cause problems for the device; thus, the focus should also be given to this component. The need to clean this compartment will be determined by how frequently you use your vacuum. It will take a bit of effort to empty this dust bucket since dirt can be stuck in hard to reach areas.

An old butter knife may assist you in removing the dust bucket, and once that is in place, you need to proceed in cleaning it. For more thorough cleaning, open the flap by pulling the red release tab once, and pull it again to detach the dust bucket. You can then clean it with a moist cloth instead of immersing it in water. Once the dust bucket is dry, replace it.

5. Check for Frozen Flap:

A cordless cleaner is sometimes built with a flap. This flap may be stuck in the vacuum's head, and that being the case, it could cause the machine to malfunction. This problem can be fixed easily by disconnecting the vacuum, finding the flap, and pushing it gently to make it lose.


These are the best tips on how to fix your cordless vacuum that keeps turning off. Each tip can help you to keep your vacuum up and to run and extend its life span. It's also important to note that irrespective of the brand or size of the cordless vacuum you have, these are the general steps that can help you begin.