If you're all about keeping your home or car neat and tidy every day, then you need to use the Hoover H-Free 700 3in1 cordless stick vacuum cleaner (HF722G 001). This is a stick vacuum that can be converted into a handheld cleaner. Whichever you settle for, all you have to do is rely on its good suction power to lift large and small debris from all floor types.

Asides from getting one of the best Hoover vacuums on the market, you'll also be using a cordless stick vacuum. These ones provide flexibility as you clean without restricting your movements compared to a corded vacuum. And as stick vacuums, you can stand straight without arching your back or maintaining a bad cleaning posture. So, should you buy the Hoover vacuum? Here's a review of the Hoover H-Free 700 3in1 cordless stick vacuum cleaner that will help you decide.

1. Design:

The H-Free 700 has been designed to get rid of fine dust particles, and larger debris in your home. Accordingly, it is an ideal device for vacuuming the kitchen floors, cleaning carpets, dusting your window blinds, etc. It is also small and compact, given its weight of 2.5kg. The HF722G 001 swivels around furniture and obstacles and it has an Easy Driving System. The latter is a special 180° rotation system that enables you to clean tough spots easily.

It may also be worth noting that the H-Free 700 is easily converted into a handheld cordless vacuum. For this reason, it can be used to clean the interior of cars, high to reach areas, upholstery, etc. As a multi-functional cleaner, it saves you the extra cash of buying a separate stick and handheld vacuum.

Furthermore, this vacuum gives you full control as you clean. You can either use its trigger for quick cleaning or rely on the continuous lever for longer cleaning sessions. Similarly, you have the choice of switching the rotating brush bar on or off depending on the floor type to be cleaned.

2. Technology:

The HF722G 001 boasts of a 2nd generation motor that can deliver 40% more suction power than its predecessor. According to Hoover, its manufacturer, the re-engineered floor nozzle of this device offers the "best ever performance on larger debris, such as kitchen crumbs."

What's more, this unit features an HSpin-Core, a Hoover technology that rotates the central unit within the dust chamber at high speed. What this does is to push dust and debris further away from the filter. Once that is done, it makes it quick, easy, and hygienic to empty the bin (bin capacity of 0.7 Liter). Moreover, you don't have to soil your hands in the process.

3. Battery:

Given that this is a cordless stick vacuum, it relies on battery power to be functional.  In this case, the high capacity lithium-ion battery of the H-Free 700 supports a cleaning time up to 35 minutes when the carpet and turbo modes are switched off. You also get 15 minutes of cleaning on the maximum power setting.

On the other hand, the H-Free 700 features a separate wall-mount and charging plug. As such, you can charge its battery anywhere even if the vacuum is not close to a power source. Here, you only need to bring out the battery pack and take it close to a power outlet and you'll get this device juiced.

4. Price and Customer Reviews:

The price of the Hoover H-Free 700 3in1 cordless stick vacuum cleaner is $260.90. Therefore, if you're looking for a vacuum around the $200 range this would be it. Also, customers who purchased this unit especially loved its lightweight, which makes it very easy to manoeuvre. Others outlined that its battery lasts for a long time, and supports the cleaning of an entire room.

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The Hoover H-Free 700 3in1 cordless stick vacuum cleaner review shows that this is a quality vacuum you can buy. It has a lightweight, good suction power, large bin capacity, and a long-lasting battery to support its operation. Moreover, Hoover is a household name, hence you'll be getting a device from a trusted manufacturer.