Handheld vacuum cleaners do not go out of fashion over the years, and this has been thanks to its design and weight, which gives it incredible ease to reach every little corner of the house, car, or shed without tripping over wires.

These vacuum cleaners are very easy to find in the market, but at the same time, difficult to choose since many brands offer different functions. Like the Beldray BEL0581 Quick Vac Lite 2-in-1, BLACK+DECKER POWER SERIES (HSVB420J), Dyson DV7, and the Dyson V11.

Without further ado, here we will show you the features of the GNG 8542144687.

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This vacuum cleaner has a simple design very similar to those commonly found on the market but is so light that it offers unparalleled versatility with a weight of just 1.7lb.


The GNG vacuum cleaner incorporates a high efficiency 106 W Lithium battery, offering a charging power of 2600 mAh. This charge allows constant use for approximately 17 to 20 minutes without the need to connect to the mains.

If you need to continue cleaning your vehicle for longer than the rechargeable batteries offer, you can easily connect it to the 12v adapter and continue cleaning using the 5-meter adapter cable.

Suction power

This vacuum cleaner has a suction power of 4800 pa, which is sufficient for vacuuming up the dirt of various sizes. It also has an aluminum fan to withstand both wet and dry use, so it can efficiently vacuum up dust, pet hair and spilled water.

Filter and compartment

Unlike many vacuum cleaners, the GNG has an excellent quality washable filter that is easy to replace, making it easy to use repeatedly and keep it looking like new.

The dust compartment is transparent, so there is no need to open it and check its condition every few minutes; you can easily see the dirt and dust that accumulates while cleaning.

Users Reviews

Wow, what a little bargain. Bought this to use in our camper I am constructing. Decided to use it to clean up the mess I occasionally make. Charged it once when I got it following instructions (3 hours charge) and then been using it intermittently ever since (about two weeks) and it is still going strong. Trying to follow instructions to run it completely down two or three times to cycle in the battery. Ha! Will not run down so far. Nice little attachments and bag come with. You will not be disappointed.

If you are interested in this vacuum, you can get it for $39.97 & FREE Shipping.