In this article, we will review Dyson vs Shark Cordless Vacuum brands. We will illustrate the difference between the two vacuum cleaner brands, so you can have a clue on the best vacuum brand based on certain criteria we’ve provided.

Everyone has his or her taste when it comes to house interiors. What we love might not be exactly what you do; we sure love different things. However, you will get to know the best cordless vacuum brand to go for between Dyson and Shark in a moment. Just take the time to go through what we’ve analyzed in this article.

About Dyson

The United Kingdom owned the Dyson company. It was found by Sir James Dyson. The company designs and manufactures household interior equipment like vacuum cleaners, hairdryers, hand dryers,  hair purifiers, blade-less fans, and lights. Dyson has thousands of employees spread around the globe. Dyson has become an authority in the vacuum cleaner industry, their vacuums have been rated the best in many categories.

About Shark

Shark is a well-known house old interior products manufacturing company as well. Shark products are assembled by Shark Ninja Operating LLC. Shark Ninja was established in 2003 by Mark Rosensweig. The company started in Montreal, Canada, and later moved to Needham, Massachusetts in the United States. The company is known to produce serviceable products and it has grown rapidly. Shark has grown to become one of the best Dyson’s alternatives in the vacuum cleaner world.

Between Dyson and Shark, Which is Best?

There are few similarities as well as diversities between vacuum cleaners from both brands. In a bit, we'll discuss these. And we hope they help out with your decision-making process in determining which is best for your need.


Both Dyson and Shark vacuums are built with amazing technologies. However, when it comes to vacuums built with amazing technologies, we'll give this to Dyson. On most Dyson vacuums, you'll find the digital control display. This tells the user updates about cleaning modes and how much runtime is left in minutes—also, the automatic cleaning mode. Having to switch from hard floors to rugs, etc. happens in a breeze, the vacuum figures out what floor type you are cleaning and adjust itself accordingly.

Nevertheless, though all Shark vacuums may not have these technologies such as Dyson's, they have their distinct features which are also amazing. For instance, the LED headlights to spot dirt even in low light or darkroom, Shark features this on even their low priced vacuum models. Also, hinged cleaning tubes and new anti-hair-wrap are also synonymous with Shark vacuums.


When talking about cordless vacuums, how long you can use them before having to recharge again is something to consider. In this aspect, we'll give it to Shark vacuums. Unlike Dyson vacuums, batteries on Shark vacuums are swappable. This means you get to use Shark vacuums in cleaning much longer than Dyson's. Using Dyson cleaners, you get to clean for an hour max (60 minutes). However, with the help of 2 batteries, Shark vacuums can run over an hour and a half (up to 100 minutes). This is great because you get to cover more areas before there's a need to recharge again.

Filtration System

Here's where we'll give it to both brands. Both Dyson and Shark vacuums have an excellent allergen filtration system. This ensures the vacuum only emits clean air. This makes vacuums from the two brands great for even those with allergies. They can use any of the two brands without fallen sink.


Shark wins the pricing battle. Shark makes cheap vacuums with features that compare to other great and expensive brands out there. This has made Shark a great alternative to Dyson vacuums. However, Dyson vacuums have been considered pricey. Nevertheless, Dyson gives you the value for your money with its amazing features.

Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners From Dyson and Shark

Best Dyson Vacuum: Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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Best Shark Vacuum: Shark Anti-Allergen Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

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We've detailed the differences and similarities between the two vacuum cleaner brands, Dyson and Shark. Based on the enlisted criteria, you can choose which brand that suits your need based on either its technology or budget.