Is your Dyson V7 cordless vacuum pulsing? Here's a quick fix.

The British company, Dyson has been at the forefront of producing household appliances. They've remained the market leader for appliances such as vacuum cleaners, hand dryers, heaters, and so on. Their vacuum cleaners have made the top of several lists such as being one of the best affordable cordless vacuums, and also holds the title for the best stick vacuum cleaner.

However, Dyson products don't come with their own little issue; which is normally the pulsing issue. This means your Dyson cordless/corded vacuum turns off and back on at will. Well, here's a piece of good news, you can fix the problem yourself. And by that, we mean making sure everything is properly checked on your vacuum cleaner.

Just before we jump right into that, you should know that these fixes don't just apply to the Dyson V7 vacuum cleaner alone. You can basically use the same method for all other cordless vacuum cleaners from Dyson as well. We dedicated an article to introduce a variety of cordless vacuum cleaners from Dyson. You can check them out here.

Without further ado, let's jump right into it.

#1. Make Sure You Ain't Battling With Power Issues

It's necessary to make sure your battery is fully charged. Batteries that are not properly charged to maximum capacity may likely pulsate while the vacuum cleaner is in use. So, therefore you need to make sure your power cable was plugged into the socket correctly. This way, your battery is properly charged.

Secondly, if you've been using your Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner for a while (for months/years), it might be the right time to change your battery. Damaged batteries or batteries that have degraded over time are likely to have charging problems. That's because they can no longer store enough power to keep the vacuum cleaner working as it should. If that's the case, please replace your battery with the correct spare. You can check your manufacturer guide for this information.

#2. Something's Blocked, Clear It Out

There are a few things that could prevent your vacuum cleaner to function optimally especially when they are blocked. You want to make sure you properly get rid of any obstruction which may have prevented your cleaner from functioning properly from these sections.

The Bin Holder

When this is blocked, there's a chance your vacuum cleaner would always turn off. So, to solve this, release the bin holder gently from its position and carefully empty it into a bag.

The Motorhead

One major problem with this section is that it usually gets entangled with hair strands. Make sure there's none of such blocking the motorhead.

The Filter

The filter is one important part of your vacuum cleaner. If blocked, it could make the whole gadget work abnormally. You need to make sure your filter is cleaned when due. It gets blocked, so you need to make sure you clean it out frequently, depending on how often you use your vacuum cleaner.

Confused on how to clean your filter, this YouTube video will help you out.

Other Areas That Need To Be Checked

Apart from the bin and motorhead, the stick, wand, or hose, as it might concern you are other areas you want to make sure are free of obstruction.

Note: Make sure your Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner isn't plugged to a socket before troubleshooting your device.

#3. Contact The Manufacturer, It's Faulty

Now you probably tried all we discussed, but your vacuum still pulsates. Yeah, you guessed right, the appliance is faulty. We suggest you take it back to the shop you got it. If online, find out how you can send it back so it can be properly checked. It's either fixed and sent back to you or you get a new one depending on whether you are still covered by the product's warranty.

In Conclusion

We hope we delivered a quick fix to your Dyson V7 Pulsing Problem as we promised. We earlier covered some common vacuum cleaner problems and how to fix them. You can also find more fixes in our article on how to fix a cordless vacuum that keeps turning off.