If you are not new to cordless vacuums, then we guess you may own or have used a Dyson vacuum cleaner in the past. Dyson is one of the top-rated cordless vacuum brands on the market today. No doubt, Dyson vacuums are quite expensive, but Dyson makes budget-friendly vacuums as well.

Additionally, Dyson makes cordless vacuums for all kinds of floors - hard floors, tiles, carpets, rugs; you name it, they got it. And if you are also looking for vacuum cleaners with the strongest suction, your best bet would be a Dyson vacuum cleaner. However, in this review, we’ll discuss and compare two Dyson vacuums, the V7 and the V11 cordless vacuum cleaners series.

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Meet The Dyson V7 vs V11 Series

As indicated, both the V7 and V11 are associated with several vacuums. The V7, for instance - we have the V7 Animal, V7 Animal Pro+, the V7 Fluffy, V7 Motorhead, and the V7 HEPA Allergy Cord-free stick vacuum cleaners. We dedicated an article in the past introducing you to these 5 Dyson V7 cordless vacuums you should know.

The Dyson V11, on the other hand, like the V7, has different variants as well - the Dyson V11 Outsize, V11 Outsize Origin, the V11 Torque Drive, and the V11 Animal. We previously covered articles about the Dyson V11 Torque Drive and the Dyson V11 Absolute cordless vacuums. We hope you find them good reads.

Comparing Between the Dyson V7 and V11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Both the Dyson V7 and the Dyson V11 are cordless vacuums in the Dyson V-Series of vacuums. These two are excellent vacuums that get the work done no matter your floor type. The Dyson V7 featured tops on our review on best budget cordless vacuum cleaners and the V11, the best cordless vacuum after winning the 2019 T3 vacuum award. However, as much as they have their similarities, they also have their differences. And in a moment, we’ll run through their unique features, giving you details that can influence what variant of the V-Series you’d love to have.

1. Design

Looking at both the V7 and the V11 from Dyson, you’ll probably find it hard to notice if there’s any difference at all in both designs. Their cleaning heads look pretty the same, extension wand also, however, the V11’s extension want is slightly robust than that of the V7. Also, the V11 carries a somewhat larger dust container than that of the V7. But since V11 is an advancement of the V7 and other V-Series, it also varies some features peculiar to it, such as its digital screen, which gives details about the operation of the vacuum and the intelligent suction feature.

2. Suction Power

Something else everyone considers before buying a vacuum cleaner is its suction power. And without a doubt, Dyson makes vacuum cleaners with strong suction power. However, there is a slight difference between the V7 and the V11.

The Dyson V7 digital motor spins at a max speed of up to 107,000 RPM. The V11, on the other hand, at 125,000 RPM. You should expect the V11 to do better cleaning than the V7.

3. Battery

You’ll find vacuums that can’t clean up just a single room before its battery runs out annoying. Thankfully, Dyson puts this into consideration, building vacuum cleaners with enough power to cover your cleaning needs. Regardless of this, the V7 and the V11 vacuums have different battery runtime.

The V7 runs for up to 30 minutes before a need to charge. However, the V11 doubles that time. It runs for up to 60 minutes before there’s a need to charge.

4. Cleaning Head & Mode

Depending on your need, you might want to consider your choice between these two series by taking a critical look at their cleaning modes.

Depending on the V7 model you choose, you’d either get the Direct Drive cleaning head or the Fluffy soft roller head. The Direct-Drive cleaning head, for instance, is designed for carpeted floors using a bristle-style brush roll to capture dirt. However, it can also be used on hard floors. The V7 Absolute, Animal, Motorhead, and HEPA features this head.

On the other hand, the Dyson V11 comes with the Torque Drive cleaning head. This is said to be an advancement of the Direct Drive cleaning head. Just like Direct Drive, the Torque Drive is excellent on all floors. Even better, it picks up 25% more dirt than the Direct Drive.

About modes, the Dyson V7 has two cleaning modes, the Auto and Max modes. You can easily switch between these modes by pushing a switch on the V7 vacuum. However, the V11 has three modes, the ECO, Auto, and Max modes. Like the Dyson V7, you can manually switch between these modes. Alternatively, Dyson’s intelligent suction technology can help choose what mode is best depending on your floor type.

To wrap it all up, we’ll end by answering some common questions you might also have in mind.

What is the difference between Dyson V7 and V11?

Based on both vacuum’s suction power, the V7 runs at a max speed of 107,000 RPM while the V11 runs faster at 125,000 RPM for improved cleaning.

Is Dyson V11 worth the money?

We all know that Dyson vacuum cleaners are generally pricey, however, with so many cool and improved features, the Dyson V11 is worth it.