The Dibea D'18 Pro cordless stick vacuum cleaner has gotten consumers' attention, which makes it a product worth reviewing. This cleaning appliance is a 5 in 1 unit that helps you clean better and faster. And it's from a brand specializing in the design of robotic vacuum cleaners, bed vacuum cleaners, and upright vacuum cleaners. Therefore, you'll be getting a device from an experienced manufacturer.

Other cordless vacuums from top brands include the DeWalt 20V MAX Cordless, Milwaukee M18 Fuel Vacuum, and LG Cordzero Cordless Vacuum. You can also checkout best vacuum cleaners for tile floors and hard floors in 2020. Here's what the Dibea D'18 Pro cordless stick vacuum cleaner offers.

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1. Design:

The Dibea D'18 Pro cordless stick vacuum cleaner is a portable cleaner that will make it easy to go through your daily cleaning routine. The unit is flexible and lightweight. It can be laid 90° flat on the ground to enable you to get rid of hard to reach dirt. Much more, you'll be able to clean the house in different directions and even clean high-up places.

Further, the Dibea D'18 Pro features LED lights highlighting dark corners, thereby ensuring you don't miss out on any dirt. There's also a power indicator that informs you of the remaining battery power. Hence, you'll know just when to top up the power to ensure the vacuum is ready for use whenever you need it.

2. Functionality:

The Dibea D'18 Pro is a 5 in 1 stick and hand vacuum. This is because it features different roller brushes for cleaning carpets and hard floors, and a crevice nozzle for cleaning furniture, cars, upholstery, etc. Therefore, you'll be able to clean different surfaces and heights using this appliance.

On the other hand, this unit takes advantage of the latest digital motor technology. The latter provides two power modes, and its suction power is rated at 22Kpa. According to the unit's manufacturer Dibea, this appliance "can pick up all surface debris and deeply embedded dirt, [and it is] perfect for all daily household cleaning."

That aside, this vacuum supports a washable H10 cotton filter and 4-stage filtration system. A combination of these helps to trap large and small particles within the dust cup. There's no leakage, and as such, non-allergenic fresh air is expelled to your cleaning space. You won't end up inhaling the dust and dirt you've spent time cleaning.

3. Battery:

The Dibea D'18 Pro cordless stick vacuum cleaner is battery powered. It uses a Lithium-ion battery that has been rated to provide a cleaning time of 20 minutes while in max mode, and 30 minutes in standard mode. That being the case, you'll be able to clean a small or moderately sized room completely before there's a need to recharge this unit.

On the other hand, you get a detachable battery that can be charged independently. And that means you can swap in a spare battery to clean your home or office, while the main battery is charging. The latter also translates into an uninterrupted cleaning thanks to a removable battery. The LED indicators also ensure you know the battery status each time.

4. Price and Reviews:

The Dibea D'18 Pro cordless stick vacuum cleaner costs about $88.13. Hence, it is a budget-friendly appliance that will not break your wallet. We've also reviewed other budget vacuum cleaners in 2020, and these are the ones you should consider if you're on a strict budget.

Over and above that, previous buyers of this product had positive things to say about its build and performance. Some users noted that the D'18 pro is easy to install, and it looks classy. Others hinted that the suction power is great even though the unit's battery power may drain after 10 minutes. Some customers appreciated the high number of accessories that are paired with this machine.

Buy Now: B07PMW6BWC Buy Now: B07PMW6BWC


The Dibea D'18 Pro cordless stick vacuum cleaner is an inexpensive cordless stick and handheld vacuum cleaner. Its dual functions enable you to clean different regions conveniently. Therefore, you'll not have dirt left behind in certain areas, and cleaning can become a task to look forward to. Now take the bold step and buy this vacuum cleaner today.