We all know traditional vacuum cleaners are a thing of the past. Just think about what it takes to constantly plug them in to clean all across your house, dust them off, and even use them if you are allergic to dust mites... it's awful. In other words, they are horrible and old-fashioned.

To avoid them, you can always broom but it will never be like vacuuming. Besides, when sweeping you continue raising dust and you never obtain the desired results, and if you live with pets, the most certain thing is that you have already resigned yourself to coexist with their hairs spread all around the house, without anything to do to avoid it

However, you can still win that battle with the new cordless vacuum cleaners that combine the best of both technologies: the simplicity of brushing the floor with the relief of not having to pick up the dirt. Without the unsanitary bags and wires. So what else could you ask for?

JASHEN V18 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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The 40-minute autonomy is one of the strong points of the V18 Cordless Vacuum from JASHEN. This cordless vacuum cleaner allows for quick cleaning of the entire house, facilitating an exhaustive brushing thanks to the long battery life.

As for its interior, it has a 350W Brushless Motor which provides an ultra-quiet powerful suction, two LED Full-size Power Brushes Cordless Stick Vacuum, Dual Charging Wall Mount for Carpet Hardwood Floor and Rug Pet Hair.

The 350W digital motor can drive stiff nylon bristles deep into carpets to capture ground-in dirt, provides higher suction power than ordinary cordless vacuum on both hardwood floors and carpets.

It offers 4-stage fully-sealed filtration to capture 99.99% of the fine dust. It also comes with a built-in filter sensor, the LED panel shows how much battery power is left and when to clean the filter, which ensures long-lasting suction without clogging.

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JASHEN V16 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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The JASHEN brand V16 vacuum cleaner, incorporates nothing less than a 350W motor that provides powerful ultra quiet suction for 40 minutes of cordless vacuums for hardwood floors and carpets, allowing for a complete and deep cleaning of your home.

With an improved motorized brush, the JASHEN cordless vacuum can pick up dust, crumbs, pollen, and even pet hair quite well, something that surely would be very important if you live with one.

This vacuum uses a highly efficient filtration system with a washable filter, a hygienic HEPA filter and a large dust bowl (0.5L), which encloses the small particles without leaking while expelling the fresh air, it can also easily be converted into a handheld vacuum for use in the most difficult places.

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JASHEN V12 Cordless Stick Vacuum

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If you are thinking about buying a cordless vacuum cleaner, but you want to spend as little as possible, this may be a good alternative for you. The V12 Cordless Stick Vacuum is JASHEN cheapest model and also offers versatility as it becomes a handheld vacuum cleaner to reach into every corner and use on every surface. It also includes an extra-long and narrow nozzle for small holes in the house that are normally only accessible by moving furniture.

It offers 30 minutes of uninterrupted running time ensures thorough cleaning of the entire house at one time. Its battery has a two-year warranty.

The cordless vacuum with 180W UPGRADED motor provides ultra-quiet powerful suction in Max mode, thoroughly sucking up pet hair, dirt, debris, and tough messes from hard floors, carpets, and ceilings

Easy-to-Empty Dust Cup

Simply open the release lock to empty the dustbin. No need to touch the dirt. Wash and dry HEPA filter thoroughly for optimal suction and cleaning performance.

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