The vacuum cleaner has had several upgrades over the years, including the fact that now are lightweight, cordless, and powered by rechargeable batteries, making it more attractive and easy to use than ever before.

Today most people want to reduce the work and time of cleaning the house, looking for the best cordless vacuum on the market. But how to know which is the most up-to-date or best suited to their needs?

This review will give you a definite answer to those questions, using two types of cordless vacuum cleaners to compare and analyze which one is the best or at least to know which one offers more advantages.

Cordless Vacuum Battle: INSE Vs. NEQUARE


The INSE cordless vacuum has an ultra-high performance motor of 250W, which provides an excellent suction of 23KPa.

The NEQUARE cordless vacuum has a lower power motor of 200W that provides 18KPa of suction.

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INSE has a removable lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2500mAh.

NEQUARE has a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2200mAh.

Time of use

INSE guarantees a constant operation time of 40 minutes.

NEQUARE in low suction mode can work for up to 35 minutes.


INSE has multiple special brushes for cleaning different areas, ensuring total absorption of dust particles, pet hair, or other waste.

On the other hand, the INSE's waste container is extra-large 1.2L with a button for easy emptying, without coming into contact with the waste stored in the filter.

NEQUARE has a set of brushes designed to clean every place or furniture in the house, even in the smallest spaces.


The INSE and NEQUARE vacuum cleaners have a system that can be programmed to work at a slower speed and with less noise than standard ones, offering a better experience for its users.

Another similarity between these two models is that they can be converted into a handheld and lightweight device for use in furniture, vehicles, and other areas.


The INSE Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner has a price of $ 152.98 & FREE Shipping While the NEQUARE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner costs around $ 119.99.


Knowing the performance and features of these two vacuum cleaners, we could observe the individual differences in terms of engine power, battery, and the time it can be used without recharging batteries. Determining that INSE is the winner of this Cordless Vacuum Battle.

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The INSE cordless vacuum cleaner is superior to the NEQUARE cordless vacuum cleaner, even though it is a little more expensive. Still, it will guarantee more time of use, with a more powerful motor and higher suction power than the NEQUARE.

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