The Comforday Cordless Vacuum Cleaner and Mop is a unit that'll pique your curiosity and get your attention. It's a cordless vacuum that sports an appealing design and functions that make it ideal for cleaning homes and offices. We'll be highlighting these features as with the valuable reviews of previous buyers of this cleaner.

What's more, we've reviewed 5 of the best vacuums under $300, low voltage cordless vacuum cleaners, and 4 of the most advanced cordless vacuum cleaners on the market. You may also want to check out a comparison of the LG Cordzero cordless vacuum vs Dyson V11. These aside, the features of the Comforday Cordless vacuum cleaner and mop include:

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You need to know that the Comforday Cordless Vacuum Cleaner and Mop is a 5-in-1 vacuum. Hence, you can perform different functions while using this appliance. These functions are not limited to sweeping and vacuuming. The unit also comes with a water tank that aids in mopping your hard floors.

On the other hand, this is a vacuum that operates without cords. And given the range of operations you'll perform with it, it's ideal to have a unit that provides flexibility in cleaning. You'll be able to clean the carpet, tile, marble, and Swiffer hardwood floors. According to the unit's manufacturer, this appliance "picks up all kinds of crumbs, pet hair, dust, and more."

Further, this unit weighs 6.72 pounds, which makes it considerably heavier than some cordless vacuums. Nonetheless, it's still light enough in the hands to enable you to maneuver with ease without having much weight to handle. You can also store away conveniently after each use.


The Comforday cordless vacuum cleaner and Mop is suited for cleaning hard floors and carpets. Consider using it to clean a multi-layer floor, sealed wood floor, linoleum, marble, etc. It's possible to separate the main unit from other parts before vacuuming.

On the other hand, this unit relies on an advanced cyclone carbon fiber filtration system. The latter is a filter that traps fine particles that have been captured. It also rotates dust effectively while reducing allergies. And at the same time, the suction power of the unit is maintained. According to the unit's manufacturer, this product is ideal for homes with children and pets.


The Comforday Cordless Vacuum Cleaner and Mop relies on a 14. 4V, 2000mah Li-ion battery that offers 15-35 mins battery life after a full charge. Judging from this battery life, you'll be able to clean a moderately sized room thoroughly before recharging this appliance. It'll take 3. 5 hours to charge this unit completely.

What's more, this appliance offers two suction modes: a lower suction and a high suction. The first and second press of the vacuum's button will help you access these modes, while the third press offs the unit. The regular mode is ideal for cleaning dust since it's suction is lower and will drain less battery power. The max mode, on the other hand, is perfect for lifting crumbs and dirt.

Price and Reviews:

The Comforday Cordless Vacuum Cleaner and Mop costs $132. Thus, it's an inexpensive cordless vacuum to buy. It's under $200, which ranks this appliance in the budget-friendly segment of the market.

Per the reviews of previous buyers, the Comforday Cordless Vacuum Cleaner has high suction power, and its rubber blades perform well. The appliance is also useful for cleaning pet hair and handling general housekeeping. Others hinted that it cleans area rugs and hard floors very well. Its durability was also applauded.

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It would be best if you gave the Comforday Cordless Vacuum Cleaner and Mop significant consideration in your quest to get a vacuum that can clean dust and embedded dirt in your home. And if you have lots of pet hairs to deal with, it's a great appliance to consider. Therefore, give this unit a try today.