A cordless vacuum cleaner makes your work easy while cleaning pet hairs, tough stains, small crumbs, and even vacuuming upholstery. But no, these appliances are not all the same! And that can be attested by the impressive features of the Bosch unlimited cordless vacuum cleaner. This modern vacuum has been built with high-quality components to give it the level of functionality it has attained.

On the other hand, this review on the Bosch unlimited cordless vacuum cleaner will show you the best features of this appliance. These features are what make it a fierce competitor with other cordless vacuum cleaners in its range. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that there is a constant comparison between the Bosch Unlimited vs. Dyson cordless vacuums.

What is the Bosch Unlimited Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Bosch unlimited is the latest cordless vacuum from the German-based company, Robert Bosch GmbH. It's worth noting that this vacuum adopts the Dyson-style convertible stick design, which has set a competition between the duo. Thus, you'll always find them compared side-by-side.

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Features of Bosch Unlimited Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Some features of the Bosch unlimited cordless vacuum cleaner that make it a good buy include:

1. Super Lightweight Design:

The big idea is, if it's easy to move around, it's easy to clean and convenient to store! Now, that's what the Bosch cordless vacuum cleaner is all about. It is not just pleasant to look at; it is light and portable at 3.5kg. Therefore, you can move this small handheld unit quickly to remove dirt and debris from any corner of your home. It also makes cleaning carpets, hardwood floors, curtains, and ceilings a breeze. Even hard to reach areas under the couch, furniture, or car can be cleaned with ease.

2. Impressive High Performance:

The Bosch unlimited vacuum cleaner has excellent airflow and dust pickup rates; hence, it can serve you well, whether it's a carpet or hard floor you intend cleaning. It uses a Digital Spin Motor whose blades spin very fast to give a good suction. There's also a motorized high power brush, upholstery brush, flexible crevice tool, each of which can remove dirt. As such, there's really no limit to the surfaces (floor, carpet, curtains, ceilings) you can clean.

3. Rotation Filter:

This vacuum cleaner also comes with a Rotation filter whose container can hold 0.4L of dust. Based on the simple design of this filter, you can remove and empty it with ease. Now, after a long cleaning session, you can conveniently take out the filter to empty its content, which will ensure that you don't get your hands or floor messed up again. On the other side, this vacuum's filter can trap 99.9% of dust, fine particles, and allergens.

4. Easily Replaceable Batteries:

Cordless vacuum cleaners are battery-powered and need to be recharged occasionally to keep them up and running. But what happens when the battery goes down while you're cleaning? If you're using the Bosch unlimited vacuum cleaner, you get two batteries; hence, you can quickly swap in another battery while you charge the dead battery. This is because it comes with exchangeable battery packs. Therefore, there's always a backup to ensure that if the power goes down, the tidiness of your home does not pay for it.

5. Fast Charge:

If it takes you as much time to charge a cordless vacuum cleaner as it'll take to get the cleaning done, then it can get a bit frustrating. Because who wants to wait that long? However, the Bosch vacuum has a quick charge technology that enables it to charge quickly. By fast, we mean in less than 60 minutes. That being the case, you can plug it in, brew your morning cup of coffee, and its battery will be fully charged before you're done with tea. What's more, each battery has a run time of 60 minutes on normal mode with non-electrical accessories.

6. Reusable Battery:

The 3,000mAh batteries of the Bosch unlimited cordless vacuum cleaner can also be used in other Bosch appliances. Hence, if you warm up to this brand, and consider trying other of its cordless vacuum, then the current battery can still be used. Think of it as making the most of what you already have without spending the extra cash for another.

7. Quiet Operation:

It's not uncommon for people to block their ears with a headset while vacuuming due to the loud sounds produced by their vacuum cleaners. However, the cordless Bosch unlimited operates quietly, which gives you the peace of mind while you clean up your home. You won't disturb other occupants of the house as well since it is super silent.


The Bosch unlimited cordless vacuum cleaner review shows that this is a must-have appliance in your home. It is designed to be admirable to the eyes, yet provide the basic functionality it was intended. The best part is, this is a cordless vacuum that can be used on all surfaces. Therefore, whether its a soft or hard floor you're trying to clean, the Bosch unlimited cordless vacuum cleaner can make your work stress-free.

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