Xiaomi cordless vacuum cleaners are designed domestically for cleaning effectively and efficiently with a powerful brushless motor. It's an exciting home appliance that looks like a mix of a juicer with a saw lever at the end and a nozzle for cleaning. It is innovative and functional. It is not a flashy product, as such compete directly with Dyson's vacuum cleaners as they possess a bunch of suitable features.

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About the Xiaomi Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The Xiaomi Mi Handheld Vacuum is equipped with four types of cleaning charging cable, mountable charging dock for easy charging. The instruction manual is attached to obtain optimum operation. A light device that weighs around 1.50kg and its segmental designs makes it looks and feel like it's a device right out of science fiction flick.

Cleaning ranges from regular dust to human hair. This wireless cleaner will be suitable for the use of any kind when it is fully charged. Holding on to its trigger keeps the vacuum running.

Stubborn dirt particles are sucked out when the max button is held simultaneously. A max button is found on top of the lever within reach of the thumb finger.

Excellent deep cleaning is achieved if the vacuum cleaner is continuously used in this mode. The dirt and garbage ampule are transparent. All components relating to the dirt assortment can be removed for proper disposal and maintenance.

The handheld vacuum cleaner is attached with four brushes and a significant extension rod. Use the brush heads with the extension rod to clean the floor or out of reached places in the house.

Some More Features

With its built-in 9-cyclone technology, having 100,000 revolts per-minute, it generates a great pressure power that can trap dirt particles up to 0.3 microns in size. It cleans 99.7% of dirt and dust. Insubstantial and easy to carry around the house, it weighs 1.5kg. All parts except the motor and electric brush are washable, with low noise of 72 decibels—suction power 120AW. Refuses PM2.5, adopts five-folds filter dust removing system, pure purifier level discharge, firmly locks 99.97 pct of dust to avoid secondary pollution.

Device Capacity

It's built with a large capacity dust box; this can meet the needs of a super large area. It's super convenient for daily use; and its power capacity is 600W working voltage, 220V working frequency, 50Hz dust box capacity, and 800ml suction. What's more, it's noiseless.

Its Price

Compared to other handheld vacuums by other brands, this Xiaomi handheld vacuum cleaner may be considered a bit pricey. However, it's definitely worth its price. You can get one for about $300.

Its Battery Power

Xiaomi cordless handheld vacuum cleaner has a 2500mAh lithium battery and a 21.6v lithium-ion battery. Last between 45-60 minutes on a single charge.

Buy Now: B07SKK8NRK Buy Now: B07SKK8NRK


You'll definitely agree with us; the Xiaomi Mi handheld cordless vacuum cleaner is outstanding. Its features are breathtaking. It's portability, exceptional you'll say; usable in any environment, picking up any dirt. It's definitely a good buy.