We've taken out time to research some of the best cordless vacuum cleaners out there for hardwood floors. We'll focus more on their suction power, as that's what's needed to suck up dirt off your floor and how long they last after a full charge.

It's a matter of choice, some of us love special-purpose devices while others, general-purpose gadgets. However, we also think special-purpose gadgets are built for one reason and they tend to be efficient at what they do.

Let's view things from this perspective, a smartphone and a digital camera. No matter how beautiful your smartphone photos are, they are still no match with a professional camera. This is because smartphones are more focused on communications and professional cameras are made for one purpose, take awesome photos.

In the same vein, why buy a vacuum cleaner for rugs and expect it to clean up your hard floors. Though they'll still work, you might just be putting a lot of pressure on them which might shorten their lifespan. In that case, what you'll need would be cordless vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors.

Let's get right into it.

#1. The Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute

Not until the release of Dyson V11 (check out our review on the Dyson V11 vacuum here), the Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute has been a beast for all kinds of hard floor cleaning because of its powerful suction power.

According to Dyson, the V10 is "engineered with soft woven nylon and anti-static carbon fiber, for hard floors." The V10 Absolute is designed to pick up any form of dirt, be it large debris or fine dust. Even more, it can easily pick "microscopic particles - such as pollen and bacteria" into its 0.54 liters bin.

Depending on power mode or attachment used, the V10 can give up to 60 minutes of fade-free power. Now, who wouldn't want that?

In regards to price, maybe a little on the high side; it costs a little over $500 to acquire a new one from amazon while a used one goes for $419 only.

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#2. The Tineco A10 Master

According to customer reviews, the Tineco A10 Master is probably one of Dyson's best alternatives. Check out our review on cordless vacuums as good as Dyson for more.

The A10 Master is modeled similar to the Dyson's but even with more outstanding features. It's powerful suction, LED lights, longer time of use makes it a gem. Customer reviews show that the A10 Master is way lighter, produces less noise, and most especially cheaper than Dyson cordless vacuums.

This vacuum comes with two 2000mAh batteries, this gives you more vacuum time. Also, holding the power switch only makes sure the battery only gets exhausted when in use.

How about its LED headlight feature, you sure won't miss a thing while cleaning up under the furniture or other low-light environments.

This among many other things makes the A10 Master by Tineco a perfect choice when sourcing for vacuum cleaners for your hard floors.

The A10 Master costs about $250.

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#3. The Eufy's HomeVac

Eufy's HomeVac is one of the best cordless bagless vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors. "A 28.8V 2200 mAh lithium-ion battery delivers high suction power to clean effectively for 22 minutes on high-power," according to the manufacturer. It gets better, switching to Eco mode doubles that time.

Its 0.9 liters dust holder gives sufficient space to hold up dust for a long time and directly empties into the trash can.

The HomeVac weighs roughly 5 pounds which helps it swivel around corners, table legs, and other objects with ease.

When compared to the V10 Absolute and the A10 Master, the HomeVac is way cheaper.

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#4. The IONFlex Cordless Vacuum Cleaner by Shark

Shark's IONFlex also brings something unique to the table considering its DuoClean technology. Here's a technology that offers a bristle brush and soft roller that makes it suitable for cleaning small and large particles on hard floors.

It's bendable handle makes reaching under beds, couches, and generally, hard to reach areas become easier. Which means you do not have to strain yourself into a position to reach these regions.

At purchase, the Shark's IONFlex comes with an extra battery. Keeping both at full charge gives you more than enough power to do all your cleaning.

For just $399, you could walk away with this beauty.

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These are some of the best cordless vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors that will enable you to clean faster, and more efficiently. They have been designed with the latest technology to ensure that whether it is a soft or hard surface, your home is always neat and tidy.