The Beldray BEL0581 Quick Vac Lite 2-in-1 cordless rechargeable handheld stick vacuum cleaner is popular among consumers in the UK. Hence, a detailed review of this appliance is needed. And if you've ever wondered, "are Beldray vacuums any good?" here's an appliance that'll let you in on what this reputable manufacturer offers.

We'd also reviewed great cordless vacuums you can get in 2020 at a steal price and hot new products for cleaning your house 2020. These are excellent units that'll help you keep your home, office, dorm, and business premises dirt-free. On the other hand, let's show you the best features of the Beldray BEL0581 Quick Vac Lite 2-in-1 cordless vacuum.

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1. Design

The Beldray Cordless Quick Vac Lite is a 2-in-1 vacuum. As such, you get to use it either as a stick vacuum or a handheld cleaner. A stick vacuum will allow you to stand uprightly as you clean different floor types. Whereas a handheld vac is suited for use on high surfaces such as furniture.

Further, the cordless design of this machine frees you from untangling yourself from wires as you clean. The latter would be the case of a corded vacuum. Another benefit is that there is no need to change plugs occasionally since a fully charged battery will see to a non-interrupted cleaning.

What's more, this is a portable cordless vacuum. Its dimension at 24.7l x 11.7w x 24h cm gives it a compact build that makes it easy to store away. It'll also tend to take a small space in your storage due to its build.

2. Functionality

The Beldray Cordless Quick Vac Lite is also an exciting piece thanks to its ergonomic design and dual cyclone technology. According to its manufacturer, this technology offers a brilliant floor to ceiling cleaning. Therefore, you'll be using an appliance that provides high-level performance to aid cleaning.

Also, the unit has an impressive vacuum pressure and features a high-efficiency floor brush that is suited for the cleaning of all floor types. Thus, whether you have hard floors made of tile or carpets, you'll be able to get rid of different sizes of dirt on its surface.

For its accessories, the Beldray Cordless Quick Vac Lite sports crevice and brush tools. It also has an extendible tube that allows you to clean high or low with ease. There's also the device's washable filter that also helps to quickly collect dirt into the appliance's 500 ml dust tank. These features and more make the unit a good buy.

3. Battery

Also, aiding the functionality of the Beldray BEL0581 is a 22.2 V battery. This battery can provide 25 minutes of cleaning after a full charge. And considering how long it can give battery power, you can clean a whole room before there's a need for a recharge. The unit's use of a battery also frees you from moving away cords while cleaning. Hence, you get to clean faster and more efficiently.

4. Price and Customers Review

The Beldray BEL0581 Quick Vac Lite 2-in-1 cordless rechargeable handheld stick vacuum cleaner's price is $94.17. It's considerably cheaper than most cordless vacuums; hence, if you're on a tight budget, it's a great unit to consider.

Customers who bought the BEL0581 rated it highly for its ease of use, lightweight, and long battery life. Specifically, some outlined that the unit saves time and energy. Despite this, a con that was noted is its suction power.

Buy Now: B01EH6F61U Buy Now: B01EH6F61U


For its budget-friendly price, the Beldray BEL0581 Quick Vac Lite 2-in-1 cordless rechargeable handheld stick vacuum cleaner is an admirable device. It can help you get rid of dirt in your space quickly. However, you should not be expecting the same high-level suction power you'd get from a more expensive unit. This machine has been designed to handle basic cleaning tasks. And if that's what you want, then buy it.