It is quite tempting to have a robot do all the work on your behalf while you sit back and sip that hot cup of coffee. However, there are several reasons why you should choose a cordless vacuum over a robot vacuum cleaner. Hey, a manually operated vacuum may rob you of the chance to sleep in late, but you'll have the guarantee of a job well done.

What is a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner?

A cordless vacuum cleaner is a battery-powered vacuum device used to collect dust and small particles from floors. Most of these vacuums have battery indicators that show how much power left in them and how long they can run before the next charge.

Cordless vacuum cleaners have an advantage over a traditional cylinder and upright vacuums since they do not have wires attached to them. This means they are not restricted by a cord's length or the appliance's proximity to the socket.

What is a Robot Vacuum?

A robotic vacuum cleaner, also known as a robovac is an intelligent vacuum cleaner that can tidy the floor without human assistance. These programmed machines can clean your house, dump its refuse in a bin, and return to the charging station to recharge themselves. Also, they can remember the layout of your home, which makes it easier for them to clean.

Unlike humans, robot vacuum cleaners do not get tired or bored, and as such, they can clean consistently every day. They also become useful if you want to reduce your tasks for the day or spend more time doing other things.

Reasons Why You Should Choose a Cordless Vacuum Over a Robot Vacuum

Despite the benefits offered by robot vacuum cleaners, there are still several reasons why you should choose a cordless vacuum over a robot vacuum. They include:

1. Affordability:

Automatic cleaning does not come cheap, but manual cleaning does. Hence, you do not have to break your wallet just to keep your house clean. What are we getting at? Robotic vacuums are expensive appliances; you'll probably get a good one for over a thousand dollars. On the other hand, you can find some of the best cordless vacuum cleaners that are affordable and can still do a great job way cheaper than a robovac. They won't break down when you least expect, which speaks of their quality. These could be great buy when considering something for apartment cleaning in NYC.

2. Portable Design:

Cordless vacuum cleaners have a portable design, which makes them light enough to be whipped around the place. Since they are easy to handle, it makes cleaning easier. The same applies to hard to reach areas under the couch. If cleaning becomes easier, then it won't feel like such a task that requires a robot vacuum to do it.

3. Cleans Better:

With a cordless vacuum cleaner, you will be doing the work yourself and, therefore, using your initiative. Even if you detest cleaning, you will be in a better position to know whether to clean off the bagel topped with cream cheese from the carpet or smear it right into the carpet. Even the best robotic vacuum could end up messing up the place.

4. Cleans Faster:

It would take about 30 minutes to clean an entire house using a cordless vacuum cleaner. Also, it could take longer if the house is larger. However, a robot vacuum cleaner will take more time since they clean slowly. For this reason, the 30 minutes performance with a cordless vacuum may translate into 90 minutes of work by a robot vacuum. That would also mean listening to the loud noise produced by the machine for a longer time.

5. Encourages the Use of One's Initiative:

Cordless vacuum cleaners used by humans rarely have socks, pet toys, and generally, useful objects stuck in them. This is because the user determines the direction of cleaning and can pick these items up while doing so. On the contrary, a robot cleaner may be unable to differentiate between dirt and useful items lying in its path. So, therefore, to use this appliance, the house will need to be vacuum-proofed.

6. Always Powered:

Cordless vacuum and robot vacuum cleaners have something in common, and that is their battery-powered nature. After using a cordless vacuum cleaner, you will recharge it occasionally to keep it running. However, there are instances where a robot vacuum will be stranded along the way while returning to its charging base. When that happens, you may have to search the entire house for it in a bid to charge it yourself.

7. Always a Go to Alternative:

Even after purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner, you will still need to have a vacuum cleaner that can be operated manually. And that may as well be a cordless vacuum cleaner. The reason is not far fetched since a robot can break down at any time, and on that day, something needs to serve as a replacement.

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These are some of the reasons why you should choose a cordless vacuum over a robot vacuum. These reasons range from its lower cost, faster operation, more effective cleaning, and much more. Hence, if you're faced with the hard decision of which to choose, these reasons will help you make the right choice.