The world is currently experiencing an unprecedented health crisis that has made it essential to double the amount of cleaning in homes, offices, shopping centres, etc., in order to minimise contact with any virus or pathogenic micro-organism.

There are spaces in homes that need more cleaning than others, to eliminate dust and any bacterias. It is there where the cordless vacuum cleaners come in, which makes it possible to clean places that seemed impossible.

In the following section, you can find some models of the most popular new cordless vacuum cleaners.

Tineco Pure ONE S12 Plus Smart Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Buy Now: B07PGC6XV9 Buy Now: B07PGC6XV9

This is a smart vacuum cleaner with a cordless handle, designed for powerful, long-lasting suction, ideal for cleaning multiple surfaces and pet hair with a soft roller LED brush.


This device has 2 x 2500mAh Lithium batteries, with double the operating time, providing up to 100 minutes of combined operation, perfect for uninterrupted cleaning of the entire house.

The Tineco vacuum cleaner has a unique self-cleaning pre-filter tool, which helps to wash it instantly, also provides a persistent suction and an optimal cleaning experience.

Users can customize their cleaning experience with Tineco's new application, which offers real-time performance monitoring, cleaning reports, maintenance reminders, and technical support.

The intelligent iLOOP sensor detects hidden dust and debris and adjusts suction power automatically in real-time.

This set includes:

1 Direct drive LED multitask electric brush, 1 mini electric brush, 2 pre-filters, automatic pre-filter cleaning tool, 2 in 1 dusting brush, soft dusting brush, cracking tool - flexible lengths, double wall-mounted charging spring and a soft roller LED electric brush, flexible extension hose, and multi-angle folding tube.

If you liked this Cordless vacuum, get it now for $699.99 & FREE Shipping.

NEQUARE Cordless Vacuum

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NEQUARE is a cordless suction vacuum that performs four functions within 30 minutes with an intelligent LED display, which helps to monitor the vacuuming and emptying process of the dust box.


The NEQUARE cordless vacuum cleaner provides up to 23Kpa of super suction, and 100,000 RPM's to collect all the household dust, pet hair, and crumbs.

This model has an ultra-strong 280W brushless motor, which is more potent than regular cordless vacuums; with a volume of only 55dB, it provides a quiet cleaning experience.

NEQUARE has a visually attractive LED touch screen, one of the most advanced and intelligent on the market, which allows you to observe the battery percentage and switch between 9 different suction speeds.

This unit has a seven cell 25.9V/2200mAh lithium battery. It supports an operating time of up to 30 minutes in the standard model, making it possible to clean the entire house in a single work cycle.

This set includes:

1 Main motor with a 23KPa suction, Updated 2 in 1 LED Brush, crevice nozzle, soft dusting brush, Hepa filter, manual, and adapter.

You can get it for $149.99 & FREE Shipping.

TOCMOC Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Buy Now: B089365XFH Buy Now: B089365XFH

The TOCMOC cordless vacuum cleaner is designed to easily become a handheld device with convenient accessories to reach any space or surface.


The TOCMOC vacuum comes with a high-efficiency 22000Pa suction nozzle, which is the ideal solution for cleaning all types of surfaces. Its rechargeable 22.2V lithium-ion battery provides excellent power for up to 35 minutes of use when fully charged.

This device is easy to maintain; simply replace the HEPA filter periodically to ensure optimum performance.

This set includes:

1 TOCMOC wand vacuum cleaner, 1 motorized turbine floor brush with LED light, 1 2-in-1 dusting brush for tight spaces and dry collection tasks, 1 lightweight aluminum alloy tube, 1 long slit nozzle, 1 AC adapter, 1 wall mount, and 1 user's manual.

This vacuum cleaner is priced at $219.99 & FREE Shipping.